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Doctor Who Writer Gareth Roberts In Trouble For Homophobic & Transphobic Tweet

Gareth Roberts

Gareth Roberts is a writer for the Doctor Who franchise.

Roberts has written for the tv show in episodes like “The Lodger,” “Closing Time,” and “The Caretaker.” Plus, he’s worked on novels, comics, and audio stories for the franchise as well.

And Roberts has recently gotten himself in some trouble for writing up some pretty transphobic, homophobic, misogynistic, and just all around petty words on twitter.

Roberts wrote in the tweets (that have since been deleted):

“I love how trannies choose names like Munroe, Paris and Chelsea. It's never Julie or Bev is it?” and then in a follow-up tweet he wrote, “It's almost like a clueless gayboy's idea of a glamorous lady. But of course it's definitely not that.”

Of course, other members of twitter have taken offense to this.

But it seems like Gareth Roberts really doesn’t care who he insults in his tweets. He reminds us of Minecraft creator Markus Persson for that.

And we also have to point out that on Roberts’s twitter profile he boasts that he has written for Doctor Who, the Librarians, and the Sarah Jones Adventures. But, he also boasts about the fact that he is a member of Parliament with Mondas South and is proudly Conservative.

That said, we would be remiss if we let this negativity be the only aspect of this story. While Roberts’s comments and actions are newsworthy to some, such negativity shouldn’t be the only part of that news.

Russell T. Davies / via Youtube @Edinburgh International Television Festival

As such, we’d like to turn the spotlight to one of Roberts's former co-workers who has written for Doctor Who and who has helped the LGBTQ community in terms of representation.

You see, there is Russell T. Davies who was the showrunner for the revived British sci fi show during its first four seasons (or series depending on where you live).

Davies introduced the pansexual character Captain Jack Harkness, and thus the wonderfully joyful John Barrowman, into our lives.

In addition, he also created shows like Queer As Folk and the shows Cucumber and Banana (which are getting an American adaption run by him, Shonda Rhimes, and Allan Heinberg who wrote the screenplay for Wonder Woman).

So, let’s remember that while there may be some hate and stupidity out there, there is always some good working opposite of it.



Good for him for not caring

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