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Documentary 'RiverBlue' Takes On World's Second Largest Water Polluter: The Fashion Industry

We recently checked out award-winning feature documentary RiverBlue, which travels the world to uncover the 2nd largest polluter of water next to oil - the fashion industry. Who knew, right?? 

The manufacturing of our clothing (and one of our favorite items--blue jeans) in many cases leads to the dumping of untreated toxic chemical waste and it's destroying rivers globally. Narrated by long-time water supporter Jason Priestley, RiverBlue highlights the damage and presents solutions for the way our clothes are made. 


Producers Roger Williams, Lisa Mazzotta and Mark Angelo sought to bring the water conservation message to a global audience. After learning what was going on with manufacturing practices abroad, they knew something had to be done. Mazzotta, a Creative Arts Emmy winning multi-platform content producer, made it her mandate to highlight the companies that are taking positives steps in the right direction towards sustainable fashion. 

"What we saw in places like India, China, Bangladesh and Indonesia was beyond disheartening. People did not have any clean drinking water and the dyes used in the finishing of our clothing was polluting the water so heavily,"says Williams. 

With this in mind, Mazzotta started a sister site called, in hopes that the consumer can make positive choices when purchasing their new clothes. lists people and organizations that are manufacturing beautiful environmentally friendly clothing and showcases Fashion Heroes. She encourages people to nominate and film videos of fashion heroes in their own cities, so we can help to change an industry. 

"We are not saying that people have to stop manufacturing overseas, but large brands should be using existing water filtration systems and other existing technology to minimize their impact and they are not," says Mazzotta. 

"The more that people start to ask brands about how they make their clothes, the more the large brands will have to be responsible for their actions. 

"There is a lot of 'green washing' happening out there to make larger brands look like they are doing something to help, but when you dig a little deeper, it is clear that these are smaller than baby steps."

RiverBlue has over 30 screenings in festivals over the next two months and will have its digital release in late spring 2017. It has won two best documentary awards in addition to being nominated for Impact Awards among others. 

There will be a private screening held in conjunction with Triarchy at the Soho House in West Hollywood. (Date TBD!) 

Check out RiverBlue and let us know what you think!