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Does Having A 'Work Wife' Make The Job Better? New Study Says If You Should Put A Ring On It.


There's nothing better at work than having a work wife.  Someone that gets your back at the office but also understands your personal woes outside the office, too.  She's a coworker that understands why you cannot stand Barbara in accounting and is also someone you can call outside of work when you need that hot fudge sundae fix and bitch about personal things.  When the bond of work husband and work wife occurs, the job and your life just gets so much better.  But apparently we are not just thinking that, it's actually been studied and found to be true for most of us.

Having a ‘work wife’ is good for your career. According to a 2016 study by the guys at CV-library, 47.2 per cent of UK professionals either have or wish they had a ‘work spouse’. Respondents cited the benefits as ‘offering support and mentorship, providing advice and guidance and offering friendship and companionship’.

Another study shows that 50 per cent of those with a best friend at work feel they have a strong connection with the company, and 70 per cent of employees say having friends at work is the most crucial part of a happy working life. -

Having a work wife is like bringing a friend to work every day.  You know you can count on them to watch out for you, give you a heads up, and let you know when you're walking on thin ice even before you reach the water's edge. 

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A great work wife will listen to your problems and will understand when you just need to keep venting about the same thing over and over again, or she will tell you in a nice way or direct way to stfu. She is a good gut check as well as a great cheerleader.

I have had some great work wives in the past.  Some have stayed very close, but being 1500 miles away has damaged the marriage a little. My most recent past work wife actually escaped Hurricane Irma to New Orleans as well. It was good to see her safe. 

I haven't found a new work wife yet which is odd.  Usually work wived just click and happen so fast that you don't always notice the magnetic bond until you realize you are sharing way too much info with just any coworker. She's now your spouse. 

Rebecca Holman, author if the LinkedIn piece wrote this very true paragraph I had to share.

Friendships at work have made terrible jobs bearable, and great jobs out-of-this-world amazing. I stay in touch with most of my old female work friends far more than I do with male former colleagues. This means plenty of opportunity to rehash funny or scandalous work stories. Our friendships and our time at work together develop a mythical status with each retelling to a new boyfriend or friend-of-a-friend who joins the group. Even the most dull, banal or depressing jobs take on a rosy glow when revisited with my work wives.

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling just starred in their third movie together. Their relationship is a classic "Work Wife" situation.



Have you had an amazing work wife at one job and not one at another?

Have you noticed the difference in having and not having a work wife?

Do you seek out a work wife or just let it happen?