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'Does Penis Size Matter?' ASAP Science Duo Tells Us!

​​The gentlemen of ASAP Science fill us in on why penis size matters in their latest video! (Though it may not matter in the way that you think...) Watch!

The ASAP Science duo also highlights "The 6 Craziest Genitals Found In Nature," just in case you weren't intrigued enough by your own:

Did the pair make a convincing case?


(H/T: Towleroad)


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They are such an adorable couple.  So, so, so cute.

Not on these clowns it doesn't.  Double ick.

Yes, it matters.  Especially if he thinks he is a top and refuses to bottom.  

Depends. I am vers/top and for me it does not matter when I am top but does matter when I am submissive, nah - big is good on the poster or porn but in the reality it is not comfortable. I feel sorry for the guy who mortgaged his house for the enlargement operation. I had sex once with a guy with micro penis (that was a surprise cause I have never seen such small thing) but he was cute, smart, well built and totally bottom so for me and luckily for him it did not matter. The guy need to meet his Mr Right not a sex obsessed Mr Looking-down-there-only.


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