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Does Your Boyfriend 'Like' Others' Content?

Does Your Boyfriend 'Like' Others' Content?

Does Jealousy Get The Best Of Us?

#BAE! Alright, I have been thinking way too much about the imaginary boyfriend I have. While he's not physically, mentally, or emotionally around me; I enjoy visioning how our blossoming relationship would be. As an example, I get to gossip with my gaggle of gays and we discuss the various quirks in our would-be relationships. One pastime I've encountered is a handful of my friend's boyfriends - or vice versa - are constantly liking other people's social media posts. Call me jealous and crazy - I mean, it's why I'm painfully single - but when did this become acceptable?!

Hear me out, I'm not solely talking about someone liking say a life update on a new career, an engagement, and the like. I'm mainly focused on the thirst trap photographs a lot of people seem to frequently post to their social media. While I cannot speak on anyone else's relationships; I cannot help but ask: Why on Earth would I appreciate my boyfriend sending a low key wink to someone in a jockstrap? Personally, I'd rather my future suitor to not even have social media, but I digress.

Flip Side: Are you comfortable with your friends liking a ton of your boyfriend's photographs on social media? I would definitely be giving a side eye - and an expulsion - to any friend who was actively going through my would-be boyfriend's pictures and giving a thumbs up. Hell, I'd likely flip a table in the event someone is commenting and trying to be cute. I firmly believe your friends should stay completely separate from your dating life. Call it a jealousy tactic, but there is such a thing as being too close. 

How do you react when it comes to your boyfriend and social media?


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