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Donatella Versace Takes The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Donatella Versace has completed the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and it's everything we want it to be. That walk alone! 

Donatella went on nominate Pharrell Williams, Prince and Pedro Almodovar. We'd now like to nominate Maya Rudolph-as-Donatella Versace for the next Ice Bucket Challenge.



Liam Hemsworth, bless his beautiful biceps, ALSO said ASL in his video.  American Sign Language has never gotten this much press!

You think she'd at least try to speak the English language in a way that doesn't make her sound like the cleaning ladies at a Hilton. She's old enough, she's had enough time to work on it. I didn't understand the first nomination, but Pharrell and Prince? You dumb vapid woman. 

Hi Burntbulb-  Since you feel entitled to comment on her language skills-  I guess you are quite of a polyglot-  how many languages do you speak- and of course without accent? 

burntbulb; u really are burnt out! How much Italian do u speak?

and u sound like such a BITCH!

Finally, how much Versace do u own?


Oh my!  I thought that was a man in drag.

That poor ugly lady got water spilt on her. Awww.

Oh my gosh, she messed up the acronym (easy thing to do, we all do it time to time) and then when she was saying to back it up (to correct her mistake) the two models just stood there and poured over her head. Hello, boys. C'mon. ....She is a good woman though, and I am so grateful that she joined in this amazing campaign. It helps SO MANY PEOPLE! ... Just. So. Wonderful! 

Love to all!

Yes...she said ASL...poor thing!!!

Did she say ASL?

christian Arno williams

Another fake. These people should give up.

James; Another fake what?

How much did u contribute? how many buckets went over ur

FAT head?

Give up what?

PS ARE u famous for being STUPID?

That was Funny when the Cute Hot Guys just pour in thr bucket without the
Speaking of the Cute Hot Guys holding the bucket or at the back..Totally HOT!! HOT!! HOT!!

Where is the ice?     probably warm water.

C'mon! She is old enough to get a heart attack if it was icy cold. LOL

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