Don't Rain On His Parade: Cute YouTuber Channels Barbra Across Europe After Breakup

We eat pints upon pints of Ben & Jerry's while watching Roseanne marathons after our breakups. Morgan Reynolds, on the other hand, travels around Europe filming an epic music video for his cover of Barbra Streisand's "Don't Rain On My Parade." Wonder which better mends a broken heart?

Writes Morgan in the YouTube description of the video that's about to go viral:

After a sudden and disappointing end to my multiyear relationship, I found myself asking, “What would Barbra do?” With no budget and only the same suit, suitcase, and torch song blaring in my mind, I travelled to 20 locations in five countries and fought off tourists, pigeons, and a broken heart the only way I know how: the Streisand Way.




That's how it's done: with passion, joy, and self-empowerment. Way to turn a heartache into something that brings pleasure to him and others.

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