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Drag Names Given To Republicans On Midnight w/ Chris Hardwick

We all want Chris Hardwick as our best friend. His cool geeky side is always showing. He proves that he is a friend of the friends of Dorothy once again when he opened his show Midnight to three or our drag faves, Ginger Minj, Alaska Thunderfuck, and Katya.

What was on the board that night?  Re Pub's Drag Race.

The brief game consisted of the three queens giving some of our most well known Republicans drag names. 

Enough said.  Let's watch and see how creative they got.




Pretty accurate.

Chris.  You have our support in everything you do ... but can we do more of this please? Twitter agrees.

Thanks for the laugh, boy and girls. We'll look for more of this in the future.

And if we had to turn the tables on the host, would Christina Hardwick be too easy?

Here's the original Tweet source.