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Drag Performer Fired (And Under Fire) For 'Blackface' Performance

Toronto drag performer Daytona Bitch is under fire after wearing what some are describing as "blackface" for a recent performance.

The June 24 performance, which Daytona claims was portrayal of the psychic Miss Cleo and therefore wasn't technically "blackface," has resulted in Daytona being dropped from her plum spot as the TD Canada Trust Pride drag queen. She's also getting a lot of heat via social media. 

While Daytona wants "to apologize to those I offended," she denies that she actually did anything wrong. She tells Daily Xtra

“I asked a couple people if it was offensive because it’s not blackface in my eyes,” she says. “I went to theatre school. I know what blackface is. It was not a minstrel show. I was doing a character.

“The people I asked at Crews & Tangos thought it was hilarious that I was dressed as a big fat black woman.”

She continues, saying: “I feel that drag is supposed to be controversial, and it has been from the start. The line exists to slightly dip your toe over. Maybe I went a little too far. I didn’t think I went too far.

“The question of when is it art and when is it crossing the line can never be answered because art is all self-expression and all based on opinion. It’s a question that can never be answered.”

Before all of the backlash, Daytona apparently posted the photo with the hashtag "racist," so perhaps she had more of a sense of the controversy she was courting than she's willing to acknowledge.

So Instincters, was this "blackface" or art? Did Daytona Bitch go too far? What's your Instinct?


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This drag queen Daytona here in Toronto is an actual racist and a trouble maker,,,she can work in only one bar and nobody wants her around. A very unprofessional person.

Should not have been fired. Not at all. Wish I were there to have seen it. I love drag queens. love them all. I hope Ru give here a chance on Drag Race. that would be awesome. And if Ru does, then it is not racist. Not all have. Now go have a Betty  Cocker weekend dear readers.

No one has seen the movie white chicks then, no really, watch it then refocus your witch hunt or drop it. Every thing in todays world is so p.c.

I'm sorry but have white people been oppressed by black people? Did they lynch them? Did they stop them from basic human rights or necessities? No. ok so whiteface on that alone is VERY diffenet then blackface

It's unclear if the objections are based purely on the black make-up or because the portrayal of black stereotypes was so accurate. It should never be forgotten that one of the test of equality is having the freedom to parody something. If you consider that something cannot be parodied, then you're not interested in equality but want to preserve an unequal status. Mega-sensitive types who don't like this sort of humour should grow up.

Bitch Stole my makeup, jewelry and outfits,  As for the rest, I can't be offended until something offends me; mere packaging seldom does and so until I see her content, I remain inquisitive at Best. As a fellow drag queen, boundary pushing is my forte, not for the sake of it but to challenge conventional thinking where required. If she has managed to do so, good on her; if not, then back to the drawing board. Much Tutu Love

So I guess this means every drag queen will be fired if they are white and lip sync to Janet Jackson this stuff going on a bit too far 

Guess Pavoroti & Placido Domingo did Blackface when they are playing Ottello.  

I also went to theatre school.  That's blackface.  And yes, performance art (not just drag) is meant to push boundaries, but there is always a question of taste when one thinks they're going too far.

Which theatre school did you go to? ...cause you should ask for your money back if they taught you that this was blackface. 

The Bitch went too far in my opinion.

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