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This Drag Queen's Speech About Homophobia Will Floor You

Panti Bliss, Ireland's superstar drag queen, has been in the U.K. news a lot lately after she had a few choice words for the Catholic Iona Agency, an anti-gay group, in January. Now, Panti is once again making headlines for uttering a few choice words (if you can call an eight+ minute speech "a few") on stage in the Irish National Theatre, the Abbey. The speech was a response to homophobia and how the LGBT community is forced to put up with “reasoned debates about you and what rights you deserve or don’t deserve," and it received the ovation it had earned from the adoring crowd.

Shante, you stay, Panti. 



I'm definitely on team Panti!

So damn true.  This is a must see.

Panti is amazing :)



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