This 'Drag Race' Queen Won 'Miss Congeniality,' But Did She Deserve The Award?

After her shocking elimination a few weeks ago, many RuPaul's Drag Race fans had speculated that season 9 standout Valentina would at least take the prize for "Miss Congeniality." 

And snag the award, she did!

There's no questioning the fact that the stunning Los Angeles based queen is a fan favorite.

But is she "congenial?"

The Drag Race fandom is split on the answer.

First, lets take a look at the dictionary definition of the word:




  1. (of a person) pleasant because of a personality, qualities, or interests that are similar to one's own.

    "his need for some congenial company"

Next, let's review the past winners of the "Miss Congeniality" award:

Nina Flowers, Season 1

Pandora Boxx, Season 2

Yara Sofia, Season 3

Latrice Royale, Season 4

Ivy Winter, Season 5

BenDeLaCreme, Season 6

Katya, Season 7

Cynthia Lee Fontaine, Season 8

Does Valentina deserve to be in the same league as the queens who came before her?

Many of her fans think so. 

But last night on the reunion, several of Valentina's season 9 sister appeared to disagree. 

(Click HERE to watch a clip from last night's reunion.)

Aja was the first queen to voice her discontent.

"I don't wanna be the one, but I'm gonna be the one. 

"I just don't feel like you should be Miss Congeniality."

Farrah Moan then added:

"Valentina, we literally did everything together this whole show.

"We were such close friends, and you literally have not spoken to me in almost five months. And I really miss my friend. It really hurts my feelings that you have not spoken to me."

Although Valentina tried to defend herself, her efforts made little impact in the room.

Ultimately, some queens suggested that RuPaul should rename the honor of "Miss Congeniality" to "Fan Favorite" to better reflect the nature of the award.

Whether or not that will happen, we'll just have to wait and see.  

That said, as you might imagine, Valentina's Miss Congeniality win prompted quite the debate on social media:

Do you think Valentina deserved the award? Let us know in the comments.




No, she wasn't even on my radar!  Certainly doesn't deserve to be in the same field as the other winners - I've never disagreed with Ru decision in this category until now. Disappointed.

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