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Drag Stars Spill The Tea About Fans, False Sense Of Security, & Double Standard Of Straights In Gay Bars.

Five drag queens sit down and spill the tea and it wasn't a mess. Seriously, who though that putting these five huge personalities in a room together was a good idea?  Whomever it was, give him/her/zir a raise!

Who would have thunk a respectable conversation to happen?  Even when normal, every day gays are in a room there seems to be some fight for the top of the conversation mountain. The respect these ladies had for each other was obvious. If seeing that respect is all that came out of this video, then it was a success.

But wait, there's more!  Of course there is more.  In the likeness of Ru Paul's Untucked, these drag super stars share with us stories of crazy presents from fans, having performance anxiety, being rock stars, being in straight bars in and out of drag, and more.




I loved the conversation about the double standard of straights and gays being in each other's club, how we feel and act in a straight club compared to how straights act in our clubs. 

And of course the conversation about judgment within our community. Do you feel like a drag expert because you watched Ru Paul for a hot second?  Manila says that you better check yourself and we agree.

Bravo to speaking up about the false sense of security that exists (RPDR Stars Valentina, Trinity, & Photographer Jason King Involved In Alleged Hate Crime In WeHo.)  We still have to be cautious out there and support the people that have supported us all along.

Thanks Billboard Pride and host Tamar Braxton. I didn't know this Facebook page existed.  You have a new follower. Head over to their site to see more from the ladies since this was part three in a series of "Spilling the Tea."


h/t: Billboard Pride