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'Duck Dynasty' Ratings Take A Hit Post Anti-Gay Controversy

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It looks like Duck Dynasty's taken a hit in the wake of its anti-gay uproar due to series star Phil Robertson's virulently homophobic comments.

Radar reports:

Records of Q scores for both Duck Dynasty and Robertson — the industry’s ratings system for a celebrity’s popularity — show that both have taken a hit since his homophobia scandal.

At this time last year, the show had a positive Q score of 32. Now, it’s just 26. That represents a nearly 20% drop. In addition, the negative Q score went up from 19 to 20.

Interestingly, it appears that women may have been more offended by Robertson’s remarks, since that segment shows the greatest drop in show popularity: from 38 to 27, or 29%.

As for Robertson himself, the data is even more striking. He dropped 34% from 32 to 23 points. Looking more closely, he went from 27 to 20 or 26% down with men, and from 36 to 25, or 31% down with women.

This obvious decline in popularity has also been reflected in the show’s ratings as of late. Once a powerhouse, the series brought in its lowest ratings since 2012 in late February — a 40% drop from its ratings that same week one year ago.

Hmm...while it certainly appears that homophobia doesn't pay with regards to viewers, we still question whether this will have an impact on the show staying on the air. It continues to bring in dollars for A&E, so we're betting Duck Dynasty will remain secure. 

Still, we're pleased to see that many viewers have chosen to support other programming.

What do you think, Instincters?


Enough with that show , what about a *uck Dynasty for a change :D

I just can't imagine this show having any gay following. They're such intellectually deprived low life's. I think the comments about homosexuality just further validated that to the public.

Exactly, what makes people watch this show is the fact that they were able to hit it big in spite of being "such intellectually deprived low lives".

It didn't cross my mind to block the channel but I think I will do that.  I just make it a point to not watch anything on A&E but blocking the channel is more permanent.  I like that, not allowing anyone in my household to watch anything A&E. I'm glad to read that their ratings have dropped.  I believe that once the LGBT community sets it's mind to doing something we usually get it.  We are stronger together,  our voices & our $'s.  



Pure ignorance and not worth my time to watch. They are just a bunch of inbreeds that got lucky and now have made a little cash so that makes what they say worth something! Put them all in prison for a week and they will see what society has to offer them.


It would warm the cockles of my heart, if I had a heart.

I've created the Canadian duck dynasty with a gay twist. Would love to know your thoughts!

Do people still give half a dog shit about this redneck inbred family?  Goes to say something about their target audience...

Did "Duck Dynasty" have a large gay following prior to the comments? Since A and E put the show back on so quickly, my guess is no. Are those who watch the show straight allies? Again, probably not. I think the reason for the ratings plunge is that people are tired of it, period.

I love the show. I think it'll bounce back just fine. I think it was more disappointment with A&E and not the remarked Phil made. Homosexuality is wrong and disgusting. I'm glad he said what he said.

Hey you should audition for this duck dynasty show. It sounds to me like you would just fit right in! ;)

Oh and one last thing, see you in "hell"

AMA says its biology

APA says its biology

WHO says its biology

American Pediatric Assoc says its biology

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Sociologist of America say its biology

You are an uneducated religiously deluded strung out Jesus Junkie which makes you irrelevant does it not

Homosexuality is wrong and disgusting.

Yet here you are reading & commenting on articles on the website for a gay magazine.  Are you a troll or just an idiot?

Are you some kind of special? Did you crack your skull this morning when you fell out of bed? What the hell are you even doing on a gay website if you believe that homosexuality is wrong and disgusting? Do you even understand that homosexuality has been around since the dawn of creation, not only in the human race, but in nearly all creatures that roam this vast earth that we live on. How ignorant can you be, calling yourself a human being, to degrade someone for being what they were merely created to be? It's small minded people like you that has kept this world in the dark for so long, and make minority groups fight so long and hard for the simple rights that are automatically awarded to others based upon color, religion, and social/economical standing. Do us all a favor and find some education and pull your head out of your stinky brown orifice and look around. I'll be willing to bet there is at least one person in your life, friend or family memeber, that you love dearly that's gay and you don't even know it. 

The only thing wrong here is literally every word you  And if you want to talk about disgusting, just look in the mirror.

i have blocked the A&E network from my cable box.  As I am surfing for something to watch My channel selector doesn't even stop at A&E anymore




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