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'Duck Dynasty' Star Phil Robertson Reaffirms Gays Are Going To Hell In Easter Sermon

Just in case you were worried that Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson has eased up on his anti-gay hate, his fire and brimstone sermon on Easter Sunday should put your fears to rest.

Here he lambasts the media for challenging his anti-gay views and reaffirms his own interpretation of the Bible--namely that gays are condemned to Hell. 

It promises to get you all warm and fuzzy. Watch (via TMZ):



To each his own, but I've seen sexier HAIR CLOGS than this "born-again" poser.  The entire family is actually "punking" every redneck in America, but they haven't caught on, yet.  Can't wait for more hilarity from MALIBU PHIL & Company.  

Are those comments jokes? Do people seriously find him sexy? Or want to suck his dick? I can't even wrap my mind around being in the same room as him!

I want to lick his manly dick.

Oh yeah? Well I say there is no hell, or heaven for that matter so what this guy says is irrelevant.

I love him, and all of his sexiness. I dream about all the kinky stuff I would do with him. And if he talks dirty to me.... DAYUM! That's more exciting than the day my rooster out he had a cock. 

Muserudita, if the grooming that we CAN see is that atrocious, can you imagine how NASTY the grooming is that we CAN'T see? UGH!

Not to mention Kev, that they will go after ANY man, regardless if the guy has a girlfriend, or is married with a family. No regard or respect for others. What the gays share isn't love, it's lust. Plain and simple. 

The reality is that this guy is correct to a great extent, that the majority of you gays will in fact burn in hell, as your lifestyle of not knowing a better life will send you there. You have fooled yourselves into thinking differently for this sense of security. It is not so much your gay lifestyle, but the way you conduct yourselves with your self serving habits, that most gays have, such as having as many partners as you please, whenever you please and otherwise living for yourselves instead of a higher power. I you are going to continue with your gay lifestyle, conduct yourself in a wholesome, respectable manner.

The reality is you're insane. Just letting you know.

I feel sorry for someone like you who categorizes an entire group of people, simply because you met a few gay people who may also have been just bad human beings. But honey, straight people are just as bad. There are TERRIBLE people, who are straight, that lack any respectful reverence to any other human being. But they are not going to burn in hell? Hmmmmmmmm, well if God accepts a heartless, lying, careless human being into heavan simply because they are straight, but won't accept a respectful, caring, loving, moral human being simply because he's gay, then that's not the heavan I want to be in. Don't assume you know what the fate of another human being is going to be because you don't have that power. 

this is their stick, its a new tv season and this gets them attention...not going to work

I suppose we can put ol’ Phil up on a cross now and stick a spear in him since he’s the new martyr for the Christian Right.  Last year, it was the Chick-Fil-A Chicken being branded as the new saint of Christianity for standing up for all that is Holy Matrimony in the eyes of the Church.  These folks want to be on the wrong side of history with their public criticism of homosexuality but cry fowl (pardon the pun) when their own bigotry is examined in a public light.  Phil’s licking his fingers at

His grooming is atrocious. He needs to trim that raunchy hair of his, and launder his clothing.

And neither shall you Phill for not loving your neighbor as your self and god created each one of us in his own image, thus a part of his must be gay.

Minister Tony

excuse my spelling, I am writing this in a hurry. I'm running late.

I like watching the show, but, I am bothered by the fact that Phil said All gay, Adulterer's will not get in to the kingdom of heaven. DIDN'T PHIL HIMSELF COMMIT ADULTRY? well yes he did so he himself will not be allowed into the kingdom of god.Right?

Then Instinct needs to stop placing these articles here. People react, comment, and give it energy because it's human nature. And Instinct knows it will get our ire up. 

He is a waste of flesh. His mom shoulda swallowed

I'm pretty sure he eats bacon and drinks alcohol so I guess he is going as well

As one of the previous posters said--ignore him. He's not worth our time.

Let me start by saying who cares what this miss led man says. If he wants to be extremely devout in his beliefs who are we to stop him. I am a gay man, and nothing he says has any sort of hold on our government. Yet another state has legalized marriage equality. Why are we putting so much hate towards a person when he does not matter. Don't watch the show. Ignore him. I seem to survive. Believe what you want to believe in.

John, I totally agree.  Why are we giving him space here?


And in other news, the sky is blue.  Why are our media outlets giving him press?

Judge not, lest ye be judged, Phil!

I don't believe in his beliefs, but the redneck does have the right to his. And to express them. 

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