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Duck Face Out, Sparrow Face In

Drop everything for a highly important message from the world wide web. Word from Japan (harbinger of Internet cuteness) is that the "duck face" epidemic that afflicted social media users around the world for the past few years is no longer a thing. In fact, it might be considered passé, depending on one's social circle. 

But you might not be able to breathe a sigh of true relief just yet; it seems that a new selfie or photo-posing trend is replacing "duck face," and it might be just as hilarious/annoying/camp/ominous. 

In any case, allow us to introduce you to what you'll be seeing online for the next few years: Sparrow Face. 

Huge in Japan and slowly spreading across digital borders, the open-lipped, wide-eyed look is said to resemble a baby bird waiting for a worm from its parent. As with Duck Face, it is a unisex phenomenon. 

So, Instincters, is Sparrow Face any more tolerable than Duck Face was(n't)?

(Via Kotaku)


If they were doing, a sparrow waiting to be fed, their mouths would be wide open...they're just doing the innocent look !! :P

I'm with CFF... and I refuse to do either..

Can I get the guy in the ball cap "To Go" please.  OMG yummy!

Looks like a dead duck to me!

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