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Dustin Lance Black Re-Invited To Speak At Alma Mater's Graduation Ceremony

Following the controversial decision to rescind Oscar winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black's invitation to be the keynote speaker at the Pasadena City College's (PCC) commencement ceremony (citing Black's leaked sex photos from 2009), PCC has reversed its decision and is again inviting Black to speak.

At a Wednesday board meeting, PCC President Mark Rocha announced the decision, stating

“(Black) has distinguished himself as a film producer and a champion of equal rights and protections for all regardless of sexual orientation,” Rocha read during the meeting. “The Board of Trustees and college administration deeply respect Mr. Black, his work and his causes. The Board also sincerely apologizes to Mr. Black for any actions that may have caused hurt.”

According to PCC spokeswoman Valerie Wardlaw, the school has reached out to Black's representatives to officially extend their invitation, though it's unclear at this point whether Black will accept. 

Student trustee Simon Fraser thanked the Board, saying:

“I’m very pleased that the District did the right thing,” Fraser said. “This can now be a moment of healing and going forward for the college and district.”

Still some remain critical with PCC student Renee Haserjian saying of the Board and Rocha:

"The actions that you have taken have sent a message to queer students, and other marginialized groups, such as undocumented students, that PCC is not on a path of social justice,” Haserjian said.

Do you think Black will accept the invitation to speak at the PCC graduation, Instincters? Should he?


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This is a situation taht is multi layered and could only happen to a Hollywood figure. If it were a soap opera, it would be too far fetched. Fits, a small, arther insignificant college has a graduate, who by his own admission only attended due to lack of finances, has an Oscar winning alum who is booked to give a commencement address. They should be thrilled, but they rescind the invitation because of bad publicity over a professor who was so into porn and taught it in his classes he was nicknamed "the porn professor," so after that scandal subsided, they decided that DLB's sexcapade photos which are not a secret could cause further scandal, so they cancel the invite. Bad PR move and since a simple Google search prior to the invite could have saved this mess from happening in the first place, there's no excuse.

Since it's probably a PR move, both the not inviting and now inviting, has the PR arm of the college, has anyone thought about the fact he is dating someone younger than the graduates, If he was a man dating a female college student, would he have been invited?

Some will think he should never have had the invitation rescinded, others will think he never should have been invited. Others will think the photos do not matter, others may feel he will have to suffer for a lifetime, but there can be common ground for everyone: Pasadena City College does not seem to know what it is doing and is showing itself to be a weak institution of higher education, but DLB will speak: he's not afraid of controversy and he loves publicity.

Sorry for all the grammar and spelling errors.

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