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Dutch Neuroscientist: Pregnant Women Who Smoke Or Do Drugs May Turn Their Babies Gay

In his new book, Dutch neuroscientist Dick Swaab puts forth the claim that women who smoke, do other drugs or lead stressful lives "influence the sexuality" of their babies. 

"Pre-birth exposure to nicotine or amphetamines also increases the likelihood of lesbian daughters," Swaab writes in the book. "Pregnant woman suffering from stress are also more likely to give birth to homosexual children, because their raised levels of the stress hormone cortisol affect the production of fetal sex hormones."

Swaab goes on to throw his support behind the relatively trendy idea that birth order effects the chance of having a gay son. 

"The more older brothers a boy has, the greater the chance that he will be homosexual. This is due to a mother’s immune response to male substances produced by boy babies in the womb, a response that becomes stronger with each pregnancy."

Before anti-gay organizations or individuals rush to parrot the unsubstantiated link between smoking and gay babies, they may find pause in the fact that Swaab underscores that being gay is not a choice. 

"Although it’s frequently assumed that development after birth also importantly affects our sexual orientation, there’s no proof of this whatsoever," he says. "Children brought up by lesbians aren’t more likely to be homosexual. Nor is there any evidence at all for the misconception that homosexuality is a 'lifestyle choice'."

Think we'll see anti-smoking campaigns from the National Organization for Marriage and their ilk in the coming years? 

(Via Gay Star News)


I am the youngest of 4. My oldest brother is gay, as am I. My mom didn't smoke during her pregnancies with us 3 boys, but smoked with my sister. I think it is more genetic though. Out of the 4 kids in my family 2 of us are gay, and 1 is bi. I have a few bi cousins as well.

This guy is a fucking idiot.

My mother never smoked and was always a calm, collected individual and I'm gay . I think this is BS. 

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