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A&E Places 'Duck Dynasty' Star Phil Robertson On 'Indefinite Hiatus' Following Homophobic Comments

A&E has placed Phil Robertson on indefinite hiatus following his homophobic statements to GQ.

A&E says in a statement:

"We are extremely disappointed to have read Phil Robertson’s comments in GQ, which are based on his own personal beliefs and are not reflected in the series Duck Dynasty. His personal views in no way reflect those of A+E Networks, who have always been strong supporters and champions of the LGBT community. The network has placed Phil under hiatus from filming indefinitely."

What do you think of A&E's move, Instincters?


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I don't know this man.  I don't watch this show & I have not read his full interview in GQ, but what I have read & heard in blog postings & news shows is nothing short of ignorant.  His comments about gay sex being sinful & comparing it to bestiality & his views on black people being happy before the civil rights movement are ignorant.  He may well be a product of his environment & has most likely had only a small first hand exposure to gay people & black people in his life.  When you are told your whole life, by your parents, teachers, churches & other authority figures that something is bad, wrong, or sinful, you are likely to adopt that line of thinking.  No matter how incorrect it is.  It doesn't necessarily mean that he is a bad person, but his comments prove that he is misguided at best & at worst homophobic & racist & ignorant.  He is entitled to his opinion, even if it is wrong, but if you choose to make statements like this on the world stage, then you should be prepared for other people to exercise their rights to their opinions too.  His words have shed new light on an important discussion that includes free speech, homophobia, racism & the state of people's priorities in this country.  I hope that this man seriously explores why his remarks are creating such controversy & that he examines those reasons & hopefully learns something from this.  A&E have done the right thing & at great risk to themselves.  Homophobia & racism should not be tolerated & people MUST be educated on that.  If you excuse this man's comments & views, you are by & large supporting his comments & views.  You are entitled to your opinion too, even if you are wrong.

The USA needs to lead the world in educating people that gay people are born gay & that we are not perverts, or abominations, or going against God's plan.  If God is the creator, then he created all of us "in his likeness".  I did not choose to be gay.  I was not abused as a child, or raised by an overbearing mother.  My parents are still married & somewhat religious.  I tried so hard to live a "straight life" to please other people, but it was a lie.  Lying is one of the 10 major sins isn't it?  I am & have always been gay & I am proud of who I am & that includes my gayness.  This cycle of hatred, fear & misinformation needs to end.  We are all the same & we should all aim to be the best that we can be, regardless of our gender, sexuality, skin color, or religious beliefs.  I am gay & I am good.  In fact, I am awesome.  You be awesome too.

Any of you straight people that get on this gay sight to spew your hate are more miserable than we thought.

Think about this, you are on a gay sight, forming accounts to give your 2 cents worth?

What trailer parks are you coming here from FOR REAL??

I keep hearing the term "Hate Speech" applied to the article...what did he say exactly that qualifies as "hate speech"?  It seems to me that "hate speech" is anything that is said opposing a certain point of view whether it is said with malice or not.

Dumb crap like this and cry babies is why we can't even say a prayer in schools anymore. Everybody is scared they are going to make somebody mad who cares get over it. He stated his opinion just like everyone is doing here so don't be a hypocrite ! The American people are scared  of the truth bc it may cause less views or less votes on a person that's why America is falling to crap with thugs, drugs, etc. so all you cry babies crying about it believe in abortion? Prolly not but since he's on a tv show lets all blow it out of proportion bc you have nothing better to do and apparently never read your bible!! And a&e tried to pull the prayer out of the show duck dynasty needs to find someone else to air their show!!!

Actually, prayer is banned in public schools because our government is secular.  And I have read the bible.  That is the number one reason why I am an atheist.  I wish more people would read it so that if they possess reason enough to get over their fear, they too, can be free of the lies of religion.

A perfect place and time to explain what is really going on here.  The First Amendment does not apply, as the government is not involved in either promoting or suppression of free speech.  He was not denied his opportunity to express himself, as the magazine published what he said.  He would have a complaint if they had interviewed him, and then gone on to distort or censor his views.  He placed these views in his interview because he wanted them publicized.           The next issue is his "employment" at A&E.  As an employer, A&E has the right to hire or fire an employee based on that person's public statements.  Statements which offend A&E reflect badly on them, IN THEIR OPINION, and for this reason they are free to sever their ties with the speaker.  If the speaker has an employment contract, that contract would determine the relative rights of the speaker and employer.  Otherwise, employment at will is the law in almost all states, and the employer can sever the relationship with the employee at any time for any reason.

He certainly has every right to say what he thinks.  I do, too, and I will say that I am not at all surprised by what he said.  After, he looks and sounds like he has a single-digit IQ.  According to everybodies' favorite "say-what-you-thinker" , I have every right to say that.

I think that anyone who uses hate speech to target any participant group of civil society should not be given airtime.  

so then it is ok for your employer, or even our government to hold you accountable for everything you say and do on and off the clock? really? If we're going to say that A&E has a right to suspend Phil as their "employee" for going against their policy regarding a statement he made in an interview with a magazine NOT as a representative of A&E, but as a representative of the Robertson family, of himself, then it's ok for our government or your employer to fire you because you make a statement they disagree with at a restaurant or in your living room? Is that where we want to go as a nation? Whether we agree or disagree with his opinion, the freedom to have one, AND express is makes this nation great. We have gotten so lost in this time of political correctness that we are in grave danger of losing the very rights that made us in the first place. Why is it ok for a liberal to offend a conservative, a gay or lesbian to attack someone who doesn't believe in their cause, call them bigots, homophobes and other slurs, an atheist to attack a Christian and want to remove everything that represents what they hold dear but none of those people have a right to even speak an opinion anymore without fear of losing their job or being ostracized? Be careful what you ask for, freedoms are precious. Losing them is costly.

He didn't lose his freedom to speak...he lost his place on a reality show....try ranting about something that would threaten the commerce of your employer and see if there are no consequences at work.

Well that was quite the rant..  On some points I agree, speech does not mean it comes w/o consequence.  You can say anything you like you just can't expect to say it w/o retribution.

And gays,athiests,blacks etc have had to keep quiet for many years not because they would 'lose their job' but because they could be killed just for voicing their opinion.

A&E is a corporation who pays these fools money to film them.  They have a right to be represented in a way that suits them....  and as far as rights go...we lost all our rights a long time ago...circa 80's with drug testing for employment.

that is all

Seriously? Duhhh, saying it to millions on TV is different, he is not his living room, he is in maybe 100,000 living rooms. it's A&E's channel, not his sidewalk soap box. I'm sure there are terms he agreed to up front. Every employer has them. And explain to me how the government is involved? I believe this is private enterprise.

LGBT is not a cause. They are not trying to convince you to become gay. They are seeking their inalienable right to be treated equally. If anything is apparent from this, it is that there are people very publicly attacking them. When you spew hate speak at an entire segment of the population, you are a bigot.

Athiests don't attack Christians, they ignore them. Atheism is to religion what off is to a radio. You can believe whatever you want, just don't dictate to me what I have to believe. You can't pass laws that force me to adhere to your values.

Fame has a price!  He just paid it!  

I've never seen this show nor am I christian, and I am college educated as well. I feel that this man did nothing wrong, merely stating his own beliefs, and should not be shunned for it. If he's against homosexuality, he has every right to say so, just as much as the people for it. To me, this is just a cultural difference and people hate to hear different points of view. If this man was african and said he didn't like homosexuality because it was against his tribal religion, you would all be okay with it, but since its christianity, you feel the need to object to what he is saying as false and outdated. He can say whatever he wants and you're certainly never going to change how he thinks, so you would have been better off to just let it go and ignore his statements if you don't agree with them. Now, for stating this, don't think I'm ignorant, as I do have gay family members and friends and what I currently feel is that LGBT people feel they have the same sense of "entitlement" and that they're "owed" something, much like african americans from the 70s-90s. You want to be treated equally, but refuse to treat others with the same respect for personal choices as you do. Now, I'm sure my words will get misconstrued that being gay is a choice, I never stated that, I merely said this man is entitled to his own opinions in the same way that everyone else is. If you want to be treated equally and be given respect, then give respect to other peoples opinions as well, because it just makes you sound like a fool that believes everyone should believe what you do. Diversity and cultural differences is what makes the world go round. Don't put false blame on a man for speaking his own thoughts and mind.

Then he should keep his OWN VIEWS to himself, and not attempt to share them through a press interview. Then he is entitled to HIS OWN VIEWS.

The pope does on a daily basis, what's the difference? If someone in the exact same situation was saying they were for homosexuality, he would have been entitled to his own opinion and no one would have said a thing. Since he said he was against it, he is being persecuted? Seems like a hypocitical standpoint from someone saying they are for something. He's a human being, he's as much entitled as you and I to speak his own mind freely, whether you like his opinion or not.

What's the difference?  For starters, the Pope isn't bound by a contract that says he can't behave in a way that reflects poorly on his employer.

In no way does it reflect poorly on his employer. It makes his employer look like biased media propaghanda as usual. Which, after all, that's all the media is anyhow. Did you even see the interview? After stating that, he also went on to say that its not his business to judge people, and that he wasn't, just that it was his own personal opinion. By being a personal opinion it in absolutely no way shows that A&E felt the same way as him. He can say whatever he wants.

You sound like a complete, college educated, twit.


I call bullshit. So you say that you know being gay is not a choice. So I can't choice to be straight or gay anymore than I can choose the color of my skin. If he had made a remark about a certain race or even religion (remember Mel Gibson?), people would have lost their shit! But because it was a homophobic comment people are treating like it's  religious persecution. You know what, at my job I can't go around using the f bomb. Am I having my freedom of speech ripped away? No. The people that pay me don't want me to make an ass of them. I think it is totally fine that a company that didn't want to be associated with homophobia and stopped paying someone millions of dollars and fame to spout of ignorant, hateful comments about it. They aren't saying he can't believe that, they just don't want to support that thinking. And one more thing, I am a gay female and have never once felt entitled. Do I think that I should be able to marry my girlfriend just as you would? Yes of course, but that is not entitlement, that is equal rights. 

As for your marks about religion, apparently you haven't seen how islamics have been treated the last decade, as they are widely and freely discriminated against daily without anyone batting an eyelash at it. I also didn't say anything about freedom of speech so that has no say in this argument. What I stated as that he is free to think and believe whatever he wants. If he thinks homosexuality is wrong, that's his opinion, and he shouldn't have your opinion shoved down his throat, just like how he doesn't push his religion down yours. Also, a job doesn't need any reason to fire anyone, that's law, so you saying your statement about "f bombs" also holds no value, as you can get fired for doing nothing wrong and its 100% legal. Also, this is not about gay rights or gay marriage, I for one couldn't care less if you and your girlfriend get married, but that's not what this is about. Its about a man saying that he thinks something is wrong in his opinion. Saying that you personally believe something is morally wrong for yourself is not descrimination or the overly used word "homophobia." He's not afraid of gay people, as that word implies. I feel that this entire incident is ridiculous, the mans allowed to have his own viewpoint the same as everyone else, whether other people agree with it or not. Oh, and as for racism, its pretty much the same thing...its okay to make racist or descriminating remarks about your own subculture, but when someone outside of it says anything, you pull the race/sex/orientation/religion card like we're not allowed to respond because it offends you. Oh and I can drop f bombs at work, so fuck you becky.

That was a mouth full. 

From an objective standpoint;)

I agree with you completely this is a matter of free speech but most people are too dumb to see it. I had to laugh at that one asshole saying your obviously some "college educated twit" when your definitely intelligent i can tell that just by your thoughts and the way you spoke and you didnt get angry or aggressive so its obvious that guy is a moron whos just pissed off because youre smarter than he will ever be lol

Only white trash are fans of them. The few measely million the make from their show and product will now begin to slow.

Two thoughts about this issue. First, he absolutely has every right to say he does not support the gay lifestyle but when you equate it in the same article with bestiality the whole statement takes on a very nasty and hateful tone. Secondly and more importantly, I believe myself to be a good Christian but I don't believe any sensible person can read the whole bible and take it all literally. It is, quite frankly, one of the most violent books you will ever read.  It approves of slavery, killing your spouse when necessary, plural marriage, genocide and I could go and on.  You can't cherry pick certain parts of the book to hold up as the law without looking at the entire context and saying intelligently, is this really what Jesus would do. I always remember that during the Civil War, some of the greatest supporters of the southern cause were the clergy because they held the bible up as all the approval they need to continue slavery.  And, because of that, the last great Civil Rights cause in this nation is the cause of gay and lesbian rights. 

Well said, I was going to post then I read yours and felt you'd made all the points I wanted to. 

I want to shake your hand. This is spot-on. As a non-believer, I wish every Christian thought the way you do. Thank you for using reason to guide your morals and not a bronze-age book that also says you can stone your wife to death if you find out she's not a virgin. 

There is a lot of "Freedom of Speech"-talk here. I think this should change to "Freedom of Speech without offending anyone". Because at this moment any nazi, facist, racist or religious idiot can say whatever they want just hiding behind Freedom of Speech. In my personal opinion I think A&E did the right thing.

Tommy there is no such thing as "free speech only if it doesnt offend someone" ALL free speech is bound to offend SOME ONE out there in one way or another.... and this whole thing is ridiculous i agree with Double J on pretty much every single point he made. This man was simply expressing HIS OWN THOUGHTS on the matter, NOT saying that it shouldnt be allowed and gay people should die or something ridiculous like theyre playing it up as. So honestly you saying there shouldnt be free speech if it offends someone is technically being a nazi or fascist your self you moron. This is America were supposed to be able to express our thoughts on certain subjects and all of you are getting butt hurt about something totally stupid and retarded! This is just a matter of defending free speech in my mind, i dont even watch the show cuz i always thought they were dumb hill billies but im taking their side on this because its defending free speech! Speaking your mind while being polite is COMPLETELY different then being a homophobe ranting a "hate speech" it disguists me that people want to basically ban and abolish the first ammendment that were supposed to be guarenteed just because TV is saying what he said was "wrong" and people are agreeing with A&E like this guy is a piece of garbage, its disguisting. If you dont think people should be able to speak their minds and still be consideratewhile doing it by just expressing opinion (because i agree you dont need to be a total asshole about it calling gay people fags and shit like that) and its obvious HE DIDNT DO THAT! Every one saying that he deserves what happened to him and hes a piece of shit etc. etc. are obviously too blind to see this is alot bigger than just "homophobia" and "hate speeches"  its television and the media in general conditioning you to give up free speech and make you get used to not being able to speak your mind in fear of persecution!

thats gay.....oh excuse my filter it does  not always work just like some poor backwoods duck calling millionaire.Freedom of speech where? Well let me get started you have a bunch of bible thumpers harping about the bible all the time... yeah I said because I am from the bible belt. so the man said something so get over it every one got over Paula Deen calling someone tjhe N word thats way worse than talking about gay people..... so they are gay they want to get married /// Hell let em... what everyone knows once you get married you dont start fucking llike rabbits.... A&E I guess you are wanting to start losing money because thats what is fixing to happen to your tv show right.... stop being so deragatory .... so everyone doesnt have a filter comes in head and then out mouth get the hell over it... i HAVE GAY FRIENDS AND THEY PROB THINK THE SAME THING....everyone needs to stop trying to use the freedom of speech theory because no we do not have one.....hell everyone forgave Rosie Odoneil for all her shit .... GIT OVER IT

Blah blah

It's funny how everyone is up in arms talking about free speech, amendment rights and all that but, you all fail to realize that he is being paid by A&E. Therefore making him an employee of A&E. If you say or do something against your employers policy, they have every right to take action. I'm sure that somewhere in their contract a clause that states that they can take action when one of these hillbillies do or say something stupid. It's to be expected. So when all of you morons that are crying foul to this, try doing something that's against your employers best interest and see how quick you get your pink slip. He was only suspended from being filmed.

Yes, everyone, he has the RIGHT to say what he wants. That doesn't mean it goes without consequences.

Exactly. This is a commercial contract issue, not a 'First Amendment' one. No one is saying he can't say these things, all A&E is saying is that you cannot say these things and still get paid millions.

If it is discrimination to refuse to bake a cake for a sodomite wedding then its discrimination to fire a guy for his religious expression.   

I am gay and this whole issue is stupid! The man is entitled to believe and say what ever he wants. Big deal get over it. Really would've thought the guy community had thicker skin by now. Not all Christians are hypocritical bigoted fag bashers! We don't like being lumped into stereotypes so why do the toffee asses on both sides make the most noise? Grow up America!

You're gay? Lol okay so I guess you don't mind Phil making this statement: "They're full of murder, envy, strife, hatred. They are insolent, arrogant, God-haters. They are heartless, they are faithless, they are senseless, they are ruthless. They invent ways of doing evil." So since I should get over it, I'll come from your view point and say that since you're gay, you're a god-hater, arrogant, insolent, etc. But you said we should get over it, so that comment shouldn't offend you.

The pope has more sense than the one-digit IQ Phil. The POPE said that he would never make anti-gay statements because they are good people. He said no one had the right to condemn a person to hell because they love someone. 

Gays are not forcing their beliefs down your throat. They want equality. If you defend this guy for spewing hate, then we should have some KKK members join the show. Because it's the same damn thing. You can't discriminate against a person for their beliefs or race. Phil has a right to believe what he wants. I'm not saying he shouldn't. But to spew hate against a group of good people? That's not Christian.

This guy can "think" whatever he wants....but say it outloud...NO...

would it be ok to use the N would. or refer to Jew by any of the slanderous terms.

We have to start being respectful of EVERYONE...and that starts with speech.

Sodomites are hypocritical bigots.  I dont have to respect your perverted sin and I have every right to say so. 

So the first amendment should just be thrown out the window?

This is NOT a First Amendment issue. He can say what he wants. All A&E is saying is that if he says certain things, we are not going to continue paying him millions of dollars. It's private contract law, not constitutional law.

I do like how so many people are bringing the law into this. A&E is not suing him or anything. Yes he has a right to say what he wants, and yes people have the freedom to change the channel if they see something they dont want on it. And guess who has the choice on what to put on their channel. Law has nothing to do with it, A&E simply doesnt want to support what he said and they have all the freedom to choose to take him off of their channel. If he wants a show again he can find a channel that will choose to support him. You talk of him being free to say what he wants, and you forget A&E is not youtube or facebook. A&E has an owner who can choose what to air and what not to.

The Law certainly does enter into it.  It is illegal to discriminate agiasnt duck dude for his religion.

First of all, a company can fire you for whatever they damn well please. It's legal. Not illegal. Secondly, they aren't discriminating. You can't SPEW HATE and expect to not get a slap on the hand. Which is what Phil got. A&E doesn't support his comments he made, Phil can find another channel where he can talk all he wants. It's not discrimination-- but the comments Phil made is discrimination against good people. Saying they're god-haters and arrogant. Don't be hypocritical, thanks.

I agree completely, but I will miss him anyway, he was one of my favorites.

So after reading all these comments this is stupid. Your telling me BC he said what he said plus quoted from the bible proof your going to say he went over the line???? But yet its OK for every gay person on TV to flaunt their gayness and say there opinions????? I don't understand. This world is going to hell quick. So kick a man off for telling the Real truth. If you r that offended then don't watch the friggen show. Watch all the shows that promote being gay n keep to your own. But for the one that believe in the truth of the bible leave us alone and stop complaining when we bring it up and back it up with scripture. U r only offended BC its not what u want to hear.

I hope he sues them for discrimination.

Flaunt?! You cunt!


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