The Eagle NYC Dumps Stoli In Protest Of Russia's Anti-Gay Law

Guess Stoli's open letter to the gay community wasn't enough to convince owners of NYC's legendary gay bar The Eagle.

Posted to the NYC institution's FB page:

Beginning immediately, the Eagle NYC will discontinue the sale of STOLI and any alcoholic product produced in Russia in protest of Russia's anti-gay bill banning the "propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations". This archaic bill effectively strips every LGBTQ member in Russia of basic human rights and puts gays in danger of being harmed or even killed because of the anti-gay fervor created by the bill. The bill even applies to tourists. The Russian government is pandering to its constituents basest characteristics in an attempt to elevate it's own image. 

The Eagle NYC denounces the bill and will continue to support gay rights at home and abroad.

The Eagle joins a growing armada of Chicago bars that have announced boycotts of Russian vodkas, including Sidetrack, the Call, Halsted's, Hydrate, Replay and Parlour. Will others around the country follow suit?