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'Eating Out' Star Ryan Carnes Checking Into 'General Hospital' For Gay Role

It feels like it's been a while since Eating Out star Ryan Carnes has been on our radar, but it looks like we'll be getting a daily dose of the studly actor now that he's making a return to the role that he briefly played from 2004 to 2005, Lucas Jones on ABC's General Hospital

Since Ryan last appeared on the show, his character came out of the closet and attended medical school in Seattle. 

We'd say Lucas's return to the hospital-based soap is just what the doctor ordered! 

Soaps In Depth spoke with GH's executive producer who says:

"Yes, he's coming back," executive producer Frank Valentini shares. "I got to meet him the other day. I like him a lot." Carnes, who is the second-to-last actor to have played the part, appeared on the soap in 2004-'05. There's no official word yet as to when Carnes will first air."

Hopefully we'll get an air date soon. We'll definitely tune in on the off chance that Ryan/Dr. Lucas Jones will fill out our prescription!

Yes, indeed.

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Whatta piece of work he is. Yummy! 

YES ... YES  ... YES ...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He was actually third to last actor to play Lucas. Some unmemorable air head played Lucas after Carnes just before they cast another actor that brought Lucas out of the closet. But am excited he's back. GH will now have three gay male characters on the show!

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