Edward Enninful Breaks Barriers As First Male Editor Of British Vogue

Edward Enninful has been named the editor of Britsh Vogue. Enniful, who is openly gay, is the first man to edit British Vogue and is the first black editor of any edition of Vogue

Anna Wintour tells The New York Times:

“It is a brilliant choice, and I am thrilled for him. Edward will undoubtedly shake things up in a way that will be so exciting to watch.”

She continues:

 “He’s fearless. At a time when values are being challenged, Edward always stands up for what he believes in. You can see that clearly in the recent ‘I Am an Immigrant’ and ‘I Am a Woman’ videos he made for W. Each was so perfectly timed and hit the mark.”

Enninful spoke on his appointment to the New York Times via email; from NYT:

Mr. Enninful himself is aware of what his new role means, on many levels.

“I believe we live in a world of possibility, and my appointment is a testament to this,” he wrote in an email. “The world is ever-changing, as are traditional roles of male and female. The outpouring of support from people of all backgrounds has been humbling.”

Exciting!! Congratulations, Edward!!