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Elementary School Kids Rally In Support Of Bullied Classmate

Forgive us for making you cry in the morning, but this is worth it!!

Meet Danny Keefe, the 6-year-old waterboy for the Bridgewater Badgers D5 PeeWee football team. According to WCVB TV he suffered a brain hemorrhage after he was born, which has resulted in a speech impediment and years of therapy. Nonetheless, he proudly serves as the waterboy for the football team and literally suits up--in suit and tie--in support of his team every day. 

Unfortunately all of the above results in him being bullied for his efforts. 

Well that didn't sit to well with fifth-grade football player, Tommy Cooney, who rallied his teammates and ultimately more than 40 of his classmates from Williams Intermediate School and Danny's Mitchell Elementary School to show their love and support for Danny by "suiting up" themselves for what they called "Danny Appreciation Day."

This "Band of Brothers" wanted to make sure Danny felt the love--and so will you! Watch!

Okay. So Tommy. In the red sweatshirt. The tears. 


That's empathy, folks, in its purest sense. These kids rallied together to make Danny's day--and we suspect they've impacted him ways that they don't even realize. 

Hell, they made our day as well! 

The kids are alright, you guys. 


(H/T: Gawker)



Love and kindness ultimately wins over ha8 and evil !    

Beautiful story.  Might have been helpful to let us know that it takes place in MA.

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