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Elisabeth Hasselbeck Responds To Critics After Rosie Attack

Elisabeth Hasselbeck responded to critics of her attack on newly returned The View co-host Rosie O'Donnell. Hasselbeck took to Instagram where she posted the following note:

What do you think of Elisabeth's response to the backlash over her comments??


Did you see the movie Avatar. Same thing.

lizzie is an asshole

You know Rosie's comment was from the perspective of the people of Iraq.  We went in under false pretenses and many innocent Iraqis died, why would the innocent Iraqi people NOT consider us terrorists?  The Pentagon stated there was no connection between Saddam Hussian and Al Qaeda. But, anyone who disagrees with the war in Iraq, question their patriotism.  S self-righteous, but only for your own personal agenda.  You owe Rosie an apology.

I don't know who I love more: Elizabeth Hasselback or Ann Coulter. I find them both to be highly intelligent, informed, sexy, sassy women. 

I love her. She's beautiful.

Idiot! She's and idiot! So annoying...just such the fuck up!

Why does anyone give a shit what HasselHACK has to say? She's a nobody

This woman is incidental and not important. Forget about her. But everyone knows that o'donnell is a mean spirited whale that actually gets airtime. 

she is so perfect for FAUX news! done!

Elisabeth - If you were asked, what's wrong with "No Comment".  Use your brain, you continue to set yourself up for all of this stuff.

Well, I would rather trade in my weave than critisize someone I don't know personally, but I really hate this stupid girl.

Elisabeth is two-faced.  She would act nice around Rosie and then bad mouth her when Rosie wasn't around.

As for her footnote : Who went to Iraq on false pretense? Oh wait, its her President George W. Bush.  So why is she making it sounding like its Obama's fault.  If America looks like a terrorist in the Arab world, its because of Bush, Cheney and Rice. They started it all.

Typical right wing idiot. Make inflammatory comments. Degrade anyone with opposing views. Call names and cry about her "ruined vacation." Then when she is criticized she plays the victim and blames the very people she has maligned.

She is just like that other blonde GOP hag, Ann Coulter. 

I am not a fan of Elizabeth Hasselbeck, but Joy Bayar absolutely misquoted her when she claims that Hasselbeck said that Rosie "spit in the face of our military." She said that Rosie had BEEN in the face of our military. People are ignoring this because being scandalous is much more interesting.


Actually C-nt is a better word. Wouldn't want to give her a compliment by calling her a Bitch.

I am pretty sure that her credentials include being a pretty, white woman and being rabidly conservative. That doesn't make her an expert on ANYTHING. Who cares what she says?

Elisabeth Hasselback is the voice of reason.... Said NO ONE EVER

Dunno who she is really, but it's set in a font to look like neat handwriting, printed on pink paper with a comic strip thought balloon on the top. Surely she can't be taken seriously as an "analyst" of anything?

She is ignorant,and self serving. Like so many right winged people she can't begin to understand how her hatred,bigotry and stupidity flame the fires of war and destruction.  We live in scary times. She is but one example of the millions of white trash,no brain loud mouths that inspire the whack-o's  to crawl out from under their rocks, guns in hand and stomp on our personal freedoms and slow any progress to heal the world of needless cruelty,death and escalating wars. She is the perfect example of 'The Ugly American.'

Rosie's comments are true. When people today are against a war, they are against our governments decision to go to war, not the soldiers. Elizabeth is using an outdated republican tactic not bought by most people today. She should be ashamed for doing so.

Who exactly is asking for HER "analysis"?  

I have always thought she was a robobitch. Right wing hag. Love when Kathy griffin sticks it to her.

Did a child write this? Are you kidding? She has done a very BAD thing. No respect for her. Calling her names serves no purpose. She's beneath any name I can image. What about Rosie's son in military school. This makes my blood boil with anger. This had nothing....nothing to do with her. What a FOOL. 

But seriously tho..."what would you do"

I agree with Rosie's comment. If you go into another country and kill innocent civilians you are considered a terrorist. Elisabeth is pissed off because someone had the courage to call out the governments Bullshit in other countries, 655,000 is a huge number, practically the whole city of Austin, Texas. Honestly people, if that number of people being killed here in the USA, what will it be called? But since the USA sends their troops to other countries where they shouldnt meddle shit like this happens. Yes, they are terrorist. Hasslebitch needs to understand the concept that no innoncent civilians should be harm.... 

Right wing neocon C_NT!!!

Can not stand the bitch

She's a bitch

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