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Ellen has a New Segment Called 'Oh, Straight People.'

Ellen DeGeneres is hands down one of the LGBT communities most beloved treasures, as she's been making us laugh for over two decades now, particularly with her long-running talk show.  

She is one to not go too deep into the political realm on her show, as she keeps it lighthearted, friendly and funny with a side of dancing at the beginning of each episode.

There is a new segment she just introduced with that lighthearted theme in mind, that is simply called "Oh, Straight People," where she pulls real headlines such as "Couple caught having sex in a Domino's Pizza" to which she simply replies... Oh, straight people.

It's quite hysterical and hopefully a segment that she does in the future, because for as much as heterosexuals want to mock us for stuff, they in turn are doing things that are much, much stupider.

Here's the clip!