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Ellen Reacts To The Cream Pies Tribute Video!

We showed you this cute tribute video to Ellen DeGeneres from the sexy men of The Cream Pies last week! 

Now we've got Ellen's reaction on her show!

Skip to 1:10 for The Cream Pies segment:

She wants them on her show!!!

Go, guys, go!!!! And take off your clothes!!!




Gay or St8  I love Bill, but he would do better solo.  Those other "boys" can't sing.  

Bill is AWESOMENESS!  Me need to see more BILL!   

Bill is straight. He's not gay because he has a great body. No one gay man could have that body type. 

I think I'd agree Bill, and all four for that matter are straight, but they are still good looking and the video is funny. Now as far as Bill's body type being straight, I think he looks like a gym rat and he could go either way.

Can't wait to see them on Ellen :) .....


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