Emails Reveal PA High School Canceled "Spamalot" Production Over "Homosexual Themes"

Principal Jesse Smith and Superintendent Mark Stamm must have known that their decision to cancel the South Williamsport jr/sr high school's production of Monty Python's Spamalot was in poor taste. Why? Because they deceived media, students and the school community by claiming that the show was simply inappropriate for students and sensitive families. 

But this week, thanks to PA's "Right To Know" law, emails have been uncovered that proves Smith and Stamm pulled the plug on Spamalot due to "homosexual themes."

As far as "homosexual themes" go, the show contains a musical number, "His Name Is Lancelot," that reveals the noble icon "bats for the other team," and then allows Lancelot to marry his male partner in a finale spectacle that lasts no more than five minutes. 

How many high school productions that we've all either starred in or attended include a heterosexual love story? Think about that for some perspective. 

The email sent by Smith to the school's musical director Dawn Burch reveals that he was not a fan of a "gay wedding being performed." “I am fully aware of their place in the script and am not certain what offense they create,” Burch rightfully replied. 

Smith then told Burch that he's "not comfortable with Spamalot and its homosexual themes ... This type of material makes it very hard” for families to attend. "[I don't] want students to have to choose between their own personal beliefs and whether or not to take part in a production.”

Musical director Burch should receive two snaps for not letting the homophobia slide. In her final email plea, she writes to inform Smith that it's “extremely disappointing that homosexuality would be the basis of not approving a show. ... This is how we raise children to be haters." 

Unfortunately, this is when Superintendent Stamm stepped in to side with Principal Smith in an attempt to reinforce the dehumanizing belief that gay love stories are not equal to straight love stories. South Williamsport's production of Spamalot was then canceled. 

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Another great day in PA.

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