Eminem Gave A Very Sexy, Diamond-Encrusted Gift To Sir Elton John

Eminem sent a unique and expensive gift to Sir Elton John in celebration of his civil partnership with David Furnish.

While appearing on a recent episode of The Graham Norton Show, Sir Elton spoke of his friendship with the rapper:

“He was accused of being homophobic by so many people because of his lyrics, which I thought was nonsense. And I came out and supported the fact that he isn’t. And I appeared on the Grammys with him, doing ‘Stan.'"

He continued:

“And we became friends, and we’ve been amazing friends ever since. He’s an amazing guy."

Then Graham interjected:

"Am I allowed to say what's in your house?"

To which Sir Elton responded:

"Oh yes, for my marriage. When David and I did our civil partnership, I got this package from Eminem, and it shows you how homophobic he isn’t.

"We had two diamond-encrusted cock rings on velvet cushions."

"For the men who have everything," said Graham.

Sir Elton deadpanned:

"And I have to say they have remained unused."






And here I was hoping it was going to be a diamond-encrusted replica of Eminem's dick.

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