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"Ender's Game" Director Gavin Hood Defends The Film: "Art And Their Creators Often Diverge"

With the sci-fi youth classic Ender's Game within weeks of debuting on the big screen, its director Gavin Hood has turned up the volume on his plea with the LGBT community to not boycott the film over creator Orson Scott Card's anti-gay activism. 

Speaking at a promotional event for the movie, which opens Nov. 1, Hood said:

"It's well known Orson Scott Card and I have different views on the issue of gay marriage and gay rights ... It has been a real dilemma for me: I love the book Ender's Game, it's all about tolerance and compassion, and understanding the other. When I first read the book I was deeply moved by a story aimed at young people that I could share with my children and access ideas in a way that was exciting for them, and yet allowed us to talk about compassion, tolerance, diplomacy, even.

"The themes of the novel are so important to me – drone warfare, the way games and reality merge in the modern world, the way we hide behind a computer screen, that young people are seduced into war – and I love them from the book. It's very difficult for me to reconcile that with his clearly contrary views to the ones I hold on the issue of gay rights.

"Should I not have made the film because of his views? I wrestled with that, and you know what? I thought: if I don't put these ideas out on screen we wouldn't be having this conversation. We are having this conversation precisely because the themes of the book are at odds with his current ideas. I'm very proud of the film, and I felt strongly that I didn't want to lose my love of this book because its creator seems to be in a different zone to me on this issue."

"It's hard. We love the music of Richard Wagner, but he was a deep antisemite. I love Braveheart, but I don't like what Mel Gibson has been saying about Jewish people. Art and their creators often diverge. Art is an expression of our higher selves and we who make art don't always measure up to the art we create."

Does Hood's statement help you overlook Orson Scott Card's involvement with the National Organization for Marriage to support Ender's Game?




The trailer looks stupid. Pass.

I'll be going to see it with my kids, They want to see it and someone has to set an example.

I'll definitely be seeing it. Get over it... if the writer hates us, who gives a flying f*ck - he's entitled to his opinions. It's sure to be a good movie if it compares at all to the book, so I will be going with friends to see it.

Nope still not seeing it, even after trailers at the movies...


Nope. Still not seeing it.

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