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'Ender's Game' Officially-Licensed Gear Emblazoned With Unintentional Homophobic Message: "Fear The Buggers"

Someone in the marketing department for the embattled Ender's Game wasn't thinking straight, errr, gay when they approved apparel and gear for U.K. fans.

Yes, the LGBT community has had its beef with the upcoming big-budget sci-fi flick over creator Orson Scott Card's ardent anti-gay activism, but did we deserve to be called out in the movie's retail offerings? "Fear The Buggers," reads a selection of shirts that Ender's Game has officially licensed for sale on's U.K. site, while bags and mugs contain a much more concise "no buggers" sign. 

"Buggers" are the nickname of the insect-like alien species (called Formics) found in the series, so it's just an unfortunate coincidence that "buggers" also happens to be an anti-gay slur. But, considering the volume of international press the gay geek boycott of the film has received, shouldn't the marketing message have been a little more intellectually thought out? LGBT who are unfamiliar with the series could be seriously offended by these products considering their lack of context. 

If you've started your holiday shopping slightly early and don't know what to get that raging anti-gay bigot in your life, here's the out-of-context Ender's Game mug as an option: 

(The Ender's Game portal sells fan-designed gear, but each item has to be approved by the film's marketing team before it appears for sale.)


Orson Scott Card is notoriously anti-homosexual. He has vehemently argued against the homoeroticism in his novel and been viciously open about his hatred towards homosexuals. I'm not sure this is a "mistake."

How about the THREESOME Ender's Game t-shirt 'Proud to be a THIRD' they are also selling for all of those people in a MENAGE A TROIS. I am not kidding, check out the Cafepress website on the first page, in the row right below the 'Fear the Buggers' shirt.

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