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Ender's Game Star Harrison Ford Tackles The Gay Boycott Controversy

While promoting Ender's Game at Comic-Con in San Diego today, Harrison Ford blasted attempts to boycott the movie based on creator Orson Scott Card's vehement anti-gay activism. 

"No part of the story concerns Mr. Card’s theories about society in terms of gay issues or homosexual issues," Harrison told reporters. "I think he has a right to his opinions and has also made it clear that it was a battle that he fought and lost and would like to get on with the rest of life."

If only Mr. Card would get on with his life and resign from the board of the still-very actively anti-gay National Organization for Marriage. 

(h/t: Gay Star News)


I've LOVED Harrison and supported his films, however, allow me to remind you Harrison, you are an ENTERTAINER.  As such, your personal support of Orson Scott Card's "getting on with his life" has pissed me off and I will no longer be supporting your entertainment, as disappointing as it might be---I refuse to spend my money on any entertainment that supports right-wing homophobic bigotry! How you overlooked the obvious when committing to this film is quite telling in how you feel towards the LGBT community.

If OSC was the Grand Dragon of the local KKK, I'm sure the response from Harrison and the filmmakers would be quite different. 


Of course he does.  And we have a right to express our opinion with a boycott.

Please, people.... This is about rights!  OSC's right to be a bigot and not have to face up to the consequences.  It's not about Harrison Ford's bankroll or anything. 

Actually it has a lot to do with all of that. If he were part of the KKK, there would be a very different view of this. So why should it be any different with his view AND support Anti-equality??? AND if it's no concern, then why is he so admant on telling us what he thinks if it's not to change society? Everything you do touches everyone... Period.

Harrison Ford does not understand what Orson Scott Card has done to the gay community. Not only was he against gay marriage but he used to compare homosexualtiy to pedophilia.  I think most of these actors defending him does not reallly know him nor did they experience the homophobia we endured becuase of this author.

Hollywood hypocrisy at its best!

Oh Harrison, your heterosexuality is showing.  If OSC wouldn't get a drop of money from this movie or have an increase of book sales, that in turn will give him more money I would totally see this movie.  The issue is OSC will get money to continue funding NOM and the like.

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