Ethiopia Wants To Intensify Its "Jail The Gays" Law, Includes Homosexuality In Proposal Alongside Rape & Terrorism

Ethiopia's taking a page out of Uganda's Old Testament by considering tightening its already-in-place "Jail The Gays" law. Same-sex acts are currently punishable by up to 15 years in prison, but Ethiopian leaders want to make homosexuality a "non-pardonable" offense by amending the country's Pardon and Amnesty Law. 

The amendment was endorsed by the Council of Ministers last week—an endorsement that sources say ensures its passage in Parliament when it's called for a vote (as early as next week). 

Alongside homosexuality, other crimes that officials won't be able to pardon under the amendment include terrorism, rape, corruption, smuggling and human trafficking.

"The decision to include homosexuality in this bill is simply pure ignorance on the part of the government,” an Ethiopian LGBT activist said. “The rest of the world is decriminalizing homosexuality … because it is now being realized that sexual orientation is a basic human right too. It’s deeply troubling to see Ethiopia opting out of this global consciousness.” 




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