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Evander Holyfield: Being Gay Is A Choice & Gays Should Get Fixed

Updated Tuesday at 1:15 p.m. PST

Boxer Evander Holyfield's 23-year-old son, Ewin, is coming to his dad's defense following his father's controversial anti-gay comments that aired this weekend on the UK version of Celebrity Big Brother

According to TMZ:

Ewin says, "My dad is the most loving and caring person you will ever meet. He treats everyone like a human being ... even if they are homosexual."

In fact, Ewin says he has a gay uncle ... and Evander treated him like a brother.

Ewin adds, "My dad feels that being gay is a choice ... and naturally that's how things work.  You cannot procreate and make a baby with two women, or two men.  But at the same time, my dad is not going to judge someone for their sexual orientation."

So he treats everyone like a human being...even if they're homosexual. Yeah. We understand the impulse to defend one's parent. But maybe don't...


Original Post

Providing further evidence that he may have taken one too many blows to the head, boxer Evander Holyfield explained why he believes being gay is a choice and compares homosexuality to a handicap that should be fixed during Sunday night's episode of UK Celebrity Big Brother.

Watch (via TMZ):

When a housemate suggests that it would be good for gay athletes to come out, Holyfield responds, in part:
“What would be good about it? That ain’t normal...It is a choice, come on...That ain’t the way nobody is made.” 
“If you were born and your leg were turned this way, what do you do, you go to the doctor and get it fixed back right.”
Interestingly, producers later chastise Holyfield, directly, for his comments, warning him that offensive statements could result in his eviction from the program. 
Holyfield's comments were obviously idiotic; what's your take on him being potentially kicked off the program for expressing his misguided views? 
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what a bunch of whiny fags

I'm sure you get this a lot, but if you chose a nickname which ends in cunt why did you feel the need to be redundant by prefacing it with lemon?  I'm pretty sure you don't need to clue anyone in, you're palpably sour.  And yes, you are a whiny fag.  Female Against Greatness.  Don't worry, your opinion is about as invalid as you're trying to make others feel.  I'll just let you go back to being a speck of worthlessness, soaking in your own misery and sub-par intelligence.  If you're going to say something, you should probably give it some substance.

Agreed that we can't chastise him for having these beliefs if he respects us; i.e. passive belief that we "choose" this lifestyle vs. aggressively acting to fix each of us when confronted with our presence.  However, this comment was made ON AIR on a television show.  Granted, both Big Brother and Duck Dynasty are...for lack of better terminology, "reality," but it is different than speaking in a third-party interview which is unrelated to the show/production with which you happen to be involved.  Since this show is obviously meant to be understood as non-scripted, it should be clear that his words don't reflect the opinions of the network by which it is aired.
I think the action taken was appropriate:  he was allowed to speak his mind, it was not censored, and belaboring the point would be excessive.  Thus, further comments of the sort may cause further action to be taken.  Just a little more on this part of my comment though:  I want equality for ALL.  Yes, I'm gay.  I am not, however, female or African-American, and yet I can't IMAGINE what it was like to fight in such movements as they did to be accepted in such a way as society does today.  I still think that there is a lot that could be changed by society itself in making acceptance more of an expectation, but I'm not one of those who thinks "we" "fucked up" by "losing" (yes, I've heard it put that way) these movements.  I feel the need to make that clear because I'm not speaking as a homosexual, provoked by anti-homosexual comments.  I'm speaking as a human, provoked by anti-equality comments.  While I make no judgement of race, and certainly acknowledge that he has many more qualities than the color of his skin, I am baffled by someone who is part of a group of people who themselves went through the exact same fight for freedom and equality as the members of the LGBTQ community..and to base it on religion doesn't make it any better; didn't those bigots of the days before "integration" quote misinterpretations of bible verses in their attempts to opress a race?  It's all fine and good to overlook that much while reenacting history, giving your interpretations of a book (which I personally believe is nothing more than a series of semi-biographical semi-fictional vignettes) as justification for your ridiculous moral and ethical code.

I wish there was a better way to resolve these conflicts.  When one's religion is the direct cause for the formation of these beliefs, it becomes unjustified for one to pose the point that "if you think I CHOSE to be gay, just TRY to choose to be gay like me for one whole day."  They must know, deep down, that the choice isn't theirs to make, but since they're so damned convinced that divinity is behind the smallest facets of our being, the explanation or reasoning is that "of course it's not, it's God's choice."  And somehow, when that statement is brought out it becomes a circle jerk if I reiterate that I didn't choose this life or sexual orientation.  I have nothing against people who have a faith or differing religion from my own, but if one is going to make religious arguments against me, they can't have it both ways!  Either we as beings ARE strong enough to make choices against those which were made by a deity for us, and "straight" people CAN choose to be gay, or we as beings ARE NOT strong enough to overpower a so chosen trait and thus "He" is the reason we are this way.
...End rant.

I am tired of ignorant heteros thinking the speak for me.  YOU DID NOT CHOOSE TO BE STRAIGHT THEREFORE I DID NOT CHOOSE TO BE GAY. It was nature's will that I be born gay. Get over it, arrogant imbecile.

The idiot son fell in exactly the same spot as the imbecile father.

I think it's bizarre that the gays act like feeling the way Holyfield feels is absolutely left field idiotic thinking. Although we disagree with his opinions to belittle him for it is exactly what's happened to gays so its a double standard. Almost every spiritual cannon speaks of homosexuality being WRONG. These are the same cannons that formed or moral compasses. To an extent I respect that he strong enough to hold on to his own belief system. I don't agree that being gay is like having a deformed leg but the bible DOES lead one to believe that gays are FIXABLE. The gays act like there is no "evidence" to support Holyfield's belief system. He has a right to believe what he believes. As long as he is respectful TO gays. This is the same thing that happened with Phil on that duck show. To respect gays a person doesn't have to march in the pride parade or go to your wedding. You just have to be respected to live you life the way you want. 

Whether they are good people or not, to say such things that are false and ignorant about gays like myself, shows just how many more uneducated and simpleminded people are out there and choose to talk about things they don't know rather than things they do. Why so we need to be there hot topic of conversation. Have they heard ignorance is bliss!! Lol

No one has heard from him in years and now he comes out with the most naive thing I have ever heard.  Please go back to being unheard Evander.  Like most men I liked you right up until you opened your mouth.

Morons always have an opinion.  Too bad he's so stupid

Desperate for attention, hopes to get publicity like duck dynasty dildos.

Meat Head! End Of!

He has every right to his opinion, but, if he was born and his head were turned this way, what does he do he goes to a psychologist, and gets it fixed right back.

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