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Everyone's Talking About The Beard Bouquet (But Should They?)

Weird new trend or clever marketing campaign? Honestly, a little of both.

A rising topic online and on tv is the beard bouquet. News and radio companies like New Now Next, People Magazine, Fox News are all talking about the product by Firebox.

Beard bouquet is just what it sounds like. It’s a box of clip-in flowers that men can then place inside their beards. The company boasts that the clips “won’t tug or pull,” and will keep the user comfortable for all-day use.

Conveniently, the product has started to go viral online with many people talking about what a good (or bad) Valentine’s Day gift it would be.

While this specific product is only now trending on the internet, the concept of flowers in beards is nothing new to our eyes. In fact, an Instagram account called “The Gay Beards” became popular for posting similar photos.

Best-friend du Jonathan Dahl and Brian Delaurenti were known for years for posting pictures of their beards in all sorts of decoration. From flowers to candy, Vote tickets, leaves, red ribbons, glitter, strawberries, mushrooms, beach balls, toys, lights, and much more.

While the internet is focused on this poorly disguised product campaign, lets focus more on some creativity. If you agree with us, you can take a look at more of the Gay Beards down below.



“Beardback Mountain” #tbt

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Senior Prom 1978

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When you’re out in public and you and your best friend see a hottie

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