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Everything Is Bigger In Texas, Including This Father's Heart! Hear What He Says About His LGBT Son

If you've ever had one of your parents get emotional in front of you, it causes everyone in the room to get emotional and weepy.  We know that was not the intent of this father talking about his son, but just wait. 

For all of us that have yearned for acceptance from a parent or parents, this video may be extra emotional. 

Now imagine if one of your parents was to go in front of a room of people and profess their love and support for you as a human being. Of course, we don't need that to happen, just a simple hug, or "I love you" would suffice, but Ken Ballard felt the need to go in front of a room of people and show his support for his LGBT son Ashur.

From the YouTube post on the Equality Texas channel we read:

Today’s #TransTuesday features Ken Ballard. Ken and Melissa Ballard of Little Elm fought for their son during the 85th Legislative Session. Their child, a 14-year-old transgender boy Ashur has attempted suicide twice while coming to terms with being transgender and the anxiety about telling his parents and being accepted. He is now living his authentic self and his parents love him unconditionally, but it has been a difficult journey.

Ash’s father Ken Ballard says, “I would rather have my son be alive than bury my daughter.” He accepted his child as being a transgender boy and as a parent has given him the unconditional love every child deserves.

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Tissues at the ready.



Some of the statements he made that resonated with us:

"Do I hold onto that idea of having a daughter?"

"I didn't have this kid to fulfill my dreams ..."

"I did what a dad does, I loved him."

"I have a relationship with my son and I'm not mourning at a headstone"

Ken, thank you.


We were moved again by Ken.  Shortly after we posted this story, he wrote to us and said:

Thanks for letting the message be heard. Hopefully some parents hear it and choose life and love.


Ken Ballard
Multiple Sclerosis Advocate for My Bride
Trans Advocate for my Son
Aspy Advocate for my Daughter
Our hearts just melted yet another time.  This father is THE definition of a loving dad.  There is hope for America when you have men, dads, fellow humans show their love and support of others like this.  We cannot say enough how we are proud to have you as a father of an LGBT child. And then in his signature, we see his love and support is spread across so many other caring causes and individuals.  Ken's heart is truly bigger than Texas. 

Ken, be known that your love for your family has brought a smile and a tear to many.  Thanks dad!