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Ex-Gay Pride Event Promising 'Thousands' Of Particpants Is An EPIC Fail

Anti-gay American Family Radio host Sandy Rios was loud and proud on Wednesday as she confidently pronounced that today THOUSANDS, yes THOUSANDS of ex-gay men and women would "descend" on Washington D.C. to a press conference at the Supreme Court. You can listen to her here:

Finally the voices of "tens of thousands" of silenced ex-gays would be heard y'all!!

Well. This is who showed up today.

That's like ten people. And we're not even sure they were all there for the press conference. Some of these people are literally just cutting through as a short cut to work. 

We assume Sandy got more than a few phone calls along the lines of,  "Hey...just running late....start without me...."

" trouble..."

The ex-gay movement is on FIRE!!


Image Source (H/T: Right Wing Watch)


Pathetic - and funny at the same time.

HA!  I bet those 'on their way' were distracted with GRINDR alerts :-)

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