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Eyeroll Of The Day: One Million Moms Attacks Staples

If your extraocular muscles haven't been worked out much lately, leave it to One Million Moms to give your eyeballs a sweat. The so-ridiculous-its-practically-a-parody group's first big fight of 2014 is aimed at Staples, which had The NERVE! to release a funny commercial that plays on the phrase "what the hell?" 

Here's the outraged email feverishly sent out Friday by the conservative group:

The new Staples ad campaign uses the tagline "What the L!" We all know children repeat what they hear. Everyone knows exactly what the company is implying with the mock swearing, but their commercials make sure there is no doubt of their intentions to push the advertising envelope. Staples printed ad spells out "STAP ES" (minus the L), - leading to the question, "What the L is going on?" Staples commercials use these slogans: "There will be L to pay; L if I know; Get the L out of here; All L has broken loose and What the L is going on." Staples' ads (airing on broadcast airwaves and in print) are irresponsible and offensive. They are extremely destructive and damaging to impressionable children who will be exposed to this suggested profanity. Send Staples an email letter and urge them to no longer produce marketing campaigns that cross the line, to pull the newest "What the L" commercials off the air and stop circulation of the printed ad immediately.

Are you as concernstipated as OMM?


This is stupid with these people bitching about a commercial get a life people its a damn commercial and its funny stop being such a fuddie duddie

Oh my god people. Get lives and do something good for a change. 

OMM- you've done NOTHING to better anyone's life and bitched for the last 10 years. 

so I'm finally going to say...


Anyone who can honestly not take offense at this tasteless family Unfriendly Ad campaign must have lost their scruple compass some time back....   Bad choice marketing arm of Staples, you just drove me Away!

When did hell become a curse word???

Where were they during "I shipped my pants"? Silly women.

The weird irony of this group of oppressors and bigots is that there are only perhaps 300,000 members tops, of it! So, either they are simply terrible at counting or factually reporting their true number of members or they seriously conflate themselves and hence, their imagined importance in the scheme of things overall. Either way, they really need to reassess their own honesty and sincerity if they ever want to be taken seriously by anyone not residing in their imaginary world!

This is a violation of Staples freedom of speech.

I guess 1 million moms wants Sap es to help raise all their kids. I think it is funny and lil kids wouldn't get it. Even when I was a kid and I  said cheese and rise my mom told me that's not right either it's not the words it's the meaning and feeling behind it. I had a real parent. Even she would have laughed at this add

We, as a global society, and I really am speaking for the whole world now-- must stop paying attention to what people post on the Internet. Besides, it's only One Million Moms, which isn't that many.

I suggest adding the letter F into the campaign just to make them angrier.

"Where in the F is L?"

"What the F and L is this all about?"

"I have one million explanations"

This has to be a joke!  I wonder if One Million Dads would react the same way.

So, just who the L is looking after the children of these 'million (alleged) moms (alleged)' while they troll the internet, television commercials and magazines to gin up, 'L'evate their fake, manufactured and artificial 'outrage' anyway? If they are such concerned, loving, devoted mothers, just how in L do they have the time to dig up and overly inflate, such simple advertisements upon which to evidence their insignificance? L's bells 'ladies', get a grip, pay much, much more attention to your apparently neglected spawn and move into the twenty-first century already! L!, now I've got a headache from about thinking how utterly stupid all the phony-baloney 'nationwide' hate campaigns these 'L'osers create!

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