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Facebook Introduces LGBT Themed Emojis For Pride!

Facebook is introducing LGBT themed emojis just in time for Pride month!!

From New Now Next:

The ‘Pride’ pack of 28 emoji include various romantic couples and same-sex parents, as well as marchers in a Pride parade, a cyclist in an AIDS Ride, gay sailors hugging, a supportive dad with his queer son, and a leather daddy walking his leather puppy.

They can be installed via the Facebook emoticon menu.

A Facebook Diversity spokesperson explains:

“We’re celebrating Pride by adding these free Facebook Messenger stickers to the Sticker Store. We see this as one more way we can make Facebook a place where people can express their authentic identity. Happy Pride!”

Happy Pride, indeed! 


When you go to message someone via Facebook, open a new chat window & click the smiley face in the lower right corner. Then click the shopping cart in the upper right corner.  That will take you to the Sticker Store where there are SO many awesome stickers...all for free!  Find the one called Pride & click 'Free' to download.

From your message windown, click on the smiley face.

A list of stickers will open, on rightmost tab will be an icon that looks like a cart, which allows you to download new stickers, a list of stickers will open by clicking on it.

Choose 'pride' click on 'free' to download it.

Click on the smiley face again, these stickers will now be available in one of the tabs, you are free to use them.

I'm wondering also. I can't seem to download them.

They're stickers. You can download them in im

How do you get them?

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