Facebook Revives Rainbow Reaction For LGBT Pride

For lucky Facebook users in the UK, the social media site has revived its popular rainbow "Pride" reaction.

Facebook users in the United States relished the ability to react with a rainbow emoji throughout the LGBT Pride month of June. 

Sadly, by the time July 1 rolled about, it appeared as though everyone lost the pride reaction feature.

But since London, Brighton, and Manchester all have pride celebrations coming up later this month and next, Facebook has reinstated the pride reaction for users in the UK. 

But not everyone is sad to see the rainbow pride reaction disappear...

One Christian Facebook page threatened to ban anyone using a rainbow emoji.

Meanwhile, Christian users banded together to call upon Facebook to add a "cross" reaction.

Finally, much to the chagrin of many LGBT users of the social network, Facebook revealed why some people won't ever get the pride reaction.




I want my pride reaction back. Here in Austin, Texas we celebrate pride I August. 

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