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FAIL: FRC Is "On Our Knees For America"

In an attempt to be youthful while promoting an incredibly hostile and homophobic event, hate group the Family Research Council has given us gay gold. 

"Call 2 Fall" (see what they did there: 2 means to! How cool or dope or whatever the kids say these days!) is a direct response to this week's historic Supreme Court rulings striking down DOMA and Prop 8. The hate group is acting as a middle man and letting its sheeple know that baby Jesus has called on them to fall to their knees and pray away the gay people in America. 

Only the message is getting lost in the marketing material. The amazing, hilarious and oh so unfortunate marketing material. 

Fellow certified hate grouper Peter LaBarbera understands the FRC's fail:

It's Pride weekend in many major American cities (including NYC and Chicago), surely many will be answering the call 2 fall between now and Sunday. Good job, FRC!

(h/t: JMG)


Tony Perkins, Peter what's-his-face, and the rest of FRC need to be on their knees praying for forgiveness of their sins of being judgmental bigots.

They can get on their knees like little bitches all they want, but America is just not getting it up for them. Bigotry is turn off.

We don't have to.  Peter already did.

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