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Fayetteville Mayor Fights Back Tears In Speech Supporting LGBT Rights Ordinance

You'll be fighting back tears, too, after watching Mayor Lioneld Jordan of Fayetteville, Arkansas, passionately pleading for LGBT rights in his city. Ten hours of incensed testimony before the City Council took place before the mayor gave the below speech to call a final vote around 3:30 a.m.:


I absolutely love this Mayor and I am very proud to be from such a Liberal and free loving place in the south. #KeepFayettevilleFair #KeepFayettevilleFunky 

Poor Christians. Who will they discriminate against now in God's name to assure themselves a seat in the hereafter?  Hmmm   maybe Muslims?

Everyone KNOWS Jesus won't save you until you hate people in God's name.

Very true. I agree, the opposite of God which means love is hate, the only one capable to feel such hate is Satan who is using us to destroy ourselves.

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