Fifth Grade Football Team Rallies Around Bullied First Grade Boy

It's not enough that we get to share news that'll lift one's spirits for an entire day, but we think we've found just that in the story of 6 year old Danny. 

Danny is bullied at his school in Bridgewater, Mass. for a speech impediment and his affinity to wear a tie and jacket to school everyday. The guys on the school's football team -- for which Danny is a waterboy -- couldn't stand it anymore, so they decided to don suits and hold a rally to support their friend, and let the rest of the school know that bullying him wasn't going to fly. 

Grab the tissues and ready the smile...


These boys will end up raping his little tight ass

Come on Instinct. How can you run a story that doesn't feature a bulging crotch or a shirtless wonder? Shame on you.

Well well... what a little whore you are.

Just typical. Sad lonely people making a negative out of a positive. I guess you were the bullies at school yeah!

The key is that Danny was a part of the team!  We need all kids to be a part of the team... a part of the whole.  A part of the group!  No one left out.  No one left behind!

I never mind seeing acts of kindness over and over, way better than the daily shootings, killings and horrible stuff we see day in and day out.

I'll take this please and may even watch it again in a year!

Well, I didn't see this last year, so I'm glad to read it now.  And, it's never a slow day to show children helping others.

We are happy for you Kami!

Slow day in journalism. That IS what this is, right??

What's old is new on Instinct. You ran the same exact story last year,   WTF!

And your point is? Stories like this should run over and over! 

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