Fifth Harmony's Lauren Jauregui Offers Major Support for the LGBTQ Community

I've been a massive Fifth Harmony stan for the past couple of years, in particular for Lauren Jauregui, but now my love for her has grown exponentially given what she did on her social media Monday night.

This all started when she shared a tweet that showed users responses to the question "What will you do if your son comes out as GAY.”  Some of the responses range from having their son get raped by two women, not allow it at all or the worst, kill them,

This prompted Lauren to speak out about the disgusting words that was spoken, saying "This is such a disgusting display of toxic masculinity & a deep ignorance of the expression of human sexuality. It is a spectrum that has no shame. It will be painful but it will lead you to your true family. Anyone who can wish this on something they created is deeply troubled."

What's even better than just that statement, she helped other fans of hers who are struggling members of the LGBTQ community talk about their feelings and gave them a safe space with her wonderful words of encouragement.

To top things off, she shared a video of Lady Gaga's performance at the Super Bowl from last year, which was a big reminder of how far this community has come.

Thank you so much Lauren, way to be another fantastic supporter of the LGBTQ community.