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'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Star Jamie Dornan Strips Down For 'Interview'

Fifty Shades of Grey stud Jamie Dornan stripped down for Interview magazine and to hear him tell it, the actor who will portray Christian Grey doesn't like his body!!

"I don't like my physique. Who does? I was a skinny guy growing up, and I still feel like that same skinny kid." When I noted that he will be unveiling the torso that has made him famous around the world for a movie-going audience, he again laughs over the absurdity of it all. "I'm still auditioning," he avers. "I don't really have choices in the material I get. So I have to make the choices in the way I play the characters. And I'm happy to get a chance to play Christian."

Meh. We like it enough for you, Jamie!

Check out more photos from the shoot by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott!

Head over to Interview for more images and for Jamie's full interview! 


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Extremely handsome fellow.    I think that possibly he is being humble for the interview.   People who are smart always play down their looks and appeal when giving interviews.

He's from the UK, not the US. 

And if he looks like that and feels skinny, then he needs a shrink. What's wrong with being skinny anyways? This guy needs to go spend a few years in Europe, where people, and gay guys especially, of all body types are accepted and no one wants to change who they are.

i do not know this europe you talk about.

I have to agree. Having been all over Europe things do vary from country to country but in general I would say 'most' European men are thinner than American men. 

You call that " stripping down?" Get real guys . Zzzzzzzz

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