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Firefighters In Trouble Over Their Sexy Shirtless Lip Sync

​We will take to the streets in support of these French firefighters' right to strip and lip sync for their lives!!

Apparently these French firefighters got in trouble with their superiors when this video of their lip-sync to Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe" went public!

The video was a birthday present--the best kind if you ask us--to their friend Naninanounax, but their superiors weren't in a festive mood.

One firefighter source tells France TV:

"Exactly, we do not necessarily want to give a funny picture, it is not in our interest" one indicated on the phone. "In addition it is within the barracks, used professional equipment, this is not correct."

Hopefully nobody's been punished. If any firefighters get fired and can't pay rent, we've got plenty of room at our place!


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They risk sanctions, sign the petition:

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Sorry, I MEANT UNDETECTABLE in my comments above!!

That's one fit firehouse 

u can tell it's not American 

firefighter I know has a HUGE ass gut

Says video is private 

There is nothing wrong with what they did,like most said they had fun.Maybe he was upset because they dressed like girls.the guys are hot and good job boys.

Wow, i loved that it was so funny. I hope they did not get in to much trouble for that. Good job guys

Saw the same lip synch from military guys ... I think those guys were ALSO brave, hard working guys that NEEDED to let off steam JUST LIKE the fire fighters. JEEZUZ get a life ... what exactly is the problem here & what is so offensive? IT IS FUN, FANTASTIC & ENTERTAINING! If anything it proves great P.R. for the department making the guys very human.  

I totally enjoyed it. their human, they work, save lives, and like to have fun like we all do! nothing wrong with that! LOVE, LOVE, LOved it!!!

These guys put their life on the line, I say well done and thanks for the entertainment 

keep up the good work 

so cute the french firemen... trop mignons!!

This so great the firemen just letting off some steam I'm a magazine CEO of Beauty Fuzon Magazine and I put out a challenge for everyone from the military ,to fireman,police,high schools ,life Guards everyone took it and it was the great,it was this very song i love these guts just letting it all hang out 

There nothing wrong on having fun at work! My support are for you guys! I so love the video! Tell your boss to take a glimpse around the world and get a LIFE!

WOW its called having fun. It makes people happy. happy people are less stressed. less stresed people work better harder and its just plain normal... the big top people need to cut loose cause you know they do the same crap in the shower at home they just pissed cause they are not in

Too effin awesome.

did the french fire department not see when the US Marines did the same kind of thing? or the NZ military did "Greased Lightning"? Or when the AU military did "Happy"?

These are strong adult males having fun, letting off steam.  If the leadership of the Fire Dept cannot handle something so simple..perhaps it's THEIR problem

like the ducha is use band the país england ! our my is sex you is aie ....

These firefighters are brave blokes, but not as buff as I'd expect for those guys who lift big... hoses!

Wowza. Great fun!!!

From Solon Ohio, I love it...did I say I LOVE IT!!!!!

Love you guys...Firefighters find'em hot and leave'em WET!  Love and Peace from Wet Brand Personal Lubricants!

If they're French why are they wearing the American flag? Either way they can rescue me any day. :-)

Lots of harmless fun

Im in love!! Que viva Francia!

Guy what a great video. It made me smile and it was great fun. Tell your bosses to get a grip! 

It's all in fun love this great job guys .

come put out my fire any time guys

you need antibiotics for that

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