'First Kiss' Director Presents Sequel First 'Undress'

Director Tatia Pilieva has released a sequel to her viral film "First Kiss", which took the internet by storm back in March.

In "Undress," Pilieva collaborated with Showtime's Masters of Sex to create a video in which twenty strangers undress each other on-camera--and with a bed conveniently nearby.

As Pilieva explains:

I asked strangers to undress each other and get in bed. Nothing else. No rules.

So what went down?? See for yourself!

While we appreciate the intimacy that was clearly apparent--do you feel like they still played it a little safe? Or was the act of having a stranger undress you--even just to your undies--enough of a social experiment??


(H/T: Harper's Bazaar)


the song is "Before I fall" by Sami Freeman here is a link


what is the song is playing here. Its lovely....The experiment is amazing.

Amazing way to expression. Undress your soul.

I think with out props and nude...but intesting!

Nothing to cover,nothing to hide, free your mind. It's beautiful..

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