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First Look: Ben Affleck As Batman & The New Batmobile

Today's quite the day for superhero news! Earlier it was confirmed that Channing Tatum would be taking on the role of Gambit in an upcoming X-Men film and now we've got our first look at Ben Affleck as Batman in the new Batman vs. Superman movie from director Zack Snyder!

Snyder tweeted moments ago:

What do you think of Ben in the Caped Crusader's cowl, Instincters? Thoughts on the new Batmobile?


I'm more interested in the evil, smiling wizard in the smoke...

Zack Snyder is a horrible director, and the likelihood this Batman will have no ounce of humanity — much like "Man Of Steel" — won't be surprising.  I won't be paying my hard-earned cash to watch this slop! I'll treasure the 1978 "Superman" classic and the Christian Bale Batman.

You had to come and announce your pompous unwanted opinion that no one gives two shits about, especially not Ben. His paycheck and his draw as an actor will guarantee the film is a success without your so called "hard earned" money. Go use it as a down payment towards a locker in a bathhouse on opening night and get your hole reamed a few times until it's wide enough for someone to reach way up there and withdraw that thorny mother fucking stick that is thicker than a fucking baseball bat.

So says Patrick who knows more about bath houses and getting reamed than yours truly. Oh golly, I offended some nerdy troll prowling a gay site who has more success spewing idiotic anger than scoring a hot guy on Grindr. 

If it helps, everyone else thinks you are both equally awful people.

OMG save me Batman Im in trouble can you see the Bat-Signal. hahaha

I think it's all pretty awesome and I do believe that's actually him in the suit.  He has the right stature for the role however I hope the Director and the actors recent experience coaches him out of that certain drollness, lack of conviction & dedication I hear in his voice when he is working through a Scene.

Howard: That was very well put.   I was trying to think of how to express what I feel is wrong with Ben Affleck in some of his roles, and you put your finger right on it.   The flip side of the coin is that when he is not being droll, it sounds a little off.   Thanks for posting.


My first instinct ?..... keep kissing him to eternity !!!!!!♥


Im in LOVEEEEEEEEE. New Batmobile AWESOME. New Batsuit Battastic... Ben Affleck at first when picked as new bat eehhhh, now seeing him in the suit... #FanGirlScream

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