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First Look: Days Of Our Lives Makes Daytime TV History With Wedding Of Sonny & Will

Starting Tuesday, Days of Our Lives will make daytime television history by kicking off the wedding of Will & Sonny. The nuptials will stretch over three episodes of the series, an apogee for a historic storyline of same-sex love on daytime TV that launched in 2011. 

DOOL's is not the first same-sex wedding in general on daytime, however; that landmark goes to ABC's All My Children, which wed Eden and Tamara in 2009.


yeah love they is both your husbands live here special so happy.

I don't think this will bother many people (nor should it). I remember there was barely a whisper when they started having guy on guy kisses. Marriage is the next logical step.

This is going to be a special moment in the history of television. I am so happy and thrilled for both Will and Sonny. It is a special day for them. Guy Wilson and Freddie Smith are both great guys and they are doing an amazing job as they continue to work together. They have this special bond and may they continue the storyline on Will and Sonny as husbands for life.

those assholes will make a big

LOVE that the boys get walked down the aisle by their MOMS. Started crying already...damn soaps! Get me every time (sniff)

great for gay wedding those will make same sex goal.

I can just hear all the conservatives heads exploding. You know those assholes will make a big deal over it

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