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First Look: Wonder Woman In 'Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice'

We've got our first official look at Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, Instincters!

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice director Zack Snyder released the image on Saturday at Comic Con in San Diego! Snyder tweeted:

What do you think, Instincters? We wonder if Lynda Carter approves!


(H/T: The Hollywood Reporter)


I really liked it!! she looks badass

And please stop comparing her with Lynda Carter, it's dumb

How is it dumb ?
Despite the cheesiness of it's time Lynda Carter was a knockout as Wonder Woman.
She is the only Famous WW as there hasn't been a string of cheaply made to overblown movies ala Superman.
And must've been memorable to as many non-superhero fans to still be thought of when this casting was announced.
Batman "fights" Superman and many a comic book fan secretly creams themselves despite the Very Vocal slagging off of the 'choice' of Ben Affleck.
He can't be any worse than Val Kilmer eh ?
True to predictable form Man of Steel was a V Big Budget re-hash of Richard Donner's Superman 1 & 2.
At least no Nicholas Cage or Robot Spiders - phew !
Warring sides are battling away and a Jewish Wonder Woman is gonna be The Peace Keeper ?
I Do Hope they don't go down that road -yet to give a BIG reason for her being in the movie they may just ?
And a comparison to Lynda Carter is dumb ?
No they think the potentiall audience is.

Where is she? Is she supposed to be homeless? She looks like she barely survived a barrel fire-that-got-away while sleeping under a pile of newspapers and fast food packaging out by the overpass. I'm glad she went with leathers and metal because Permanent Press would have been a mess. I feel bad about all her hair getting all burnt up though... 

Omgs guys they are so going for how the greeks would have saw her to be since she is a daughter of diana

Let's be real, if Wonder Woman was any sort of fashion forward bitch like I know she probably was, she would have changed with the times and updated her wardrobe.

You guys need to get over the lynda carter thing and step into the 21 century. She looks like the new 52 comics of wonder woman. The custom is fantasic and Gal looks the part.  (rolls eyes)

Total xena warrior princess. Not wonder woman they got it wrong so feel bad for lynda carter.

she looks like Xena not WonderWoman

I agree I don't look @ her n think wonder woman I too think xena
But I'll wait n c what its like before judgment.

Her crown is upside down... Ugh!

Ummm, her lasso is right on her hip, look closer guys.

I consider myself as somewhat of noob of comic books, since I never read any, but known the comic books character.

aside of that, I think Wonder Woman's outfit looks great. I'm sure they are trying to make the movie dark and intense like batman trilogy with Christian Bale in it.

I think she is perfect but the outfit is way to dark. I don't think it should be like the old WW outfit but once again the movie creator is going to dark like they have in the Batman movies. I am not getting where the sword has come from and where in the hell is her lasso? She's got to have something similar to make her more of an Amazon. I do Love the boots though.

I love it and your all crazy. Let's be real, if she looked like the Linda Carter Wonder Woman than she would just be "the girl" in the boys superhero movie. This Wonder Woman looks ready to kick butt and take names, she looks like a warrior, not princess. She looks like she can hold her own, which is probably the direction they were going in. 

I grew up on Linda Carter and the Superfriends every Saturday. I miss the stars and stripes outfit.

Mind the gap.  This is OK, but what's with the sword? Lynda Carter will always be my main WW!

Magichands72 is right.  Lynda Carter was so much hotter.

Not impressed. Looks more like a Kardashian in a Halloween costume.

Her outfit is based on Wonder Woman's new look where she wields both lasso and sword. I think she looks great!

Looks more like Xena than Wonder Woman. The Amazon Princess I know doesn't wield a sword.

Well. That pretty much depends which Wonder Woman we are thinking of. The Wonder Woman that Linda portrayed pretty much only used the lasso. But on the comics and several other animations Wonder Woman used multiple weapons, the sword. She is an amazon warrior so it's logical that she trained on several weapons. I hope that she wear the typical lasso though. As always, the weapon of choice. 

a sward instead of a lasso ok guys quit mucking with the outfit thats her populatuary is not good we are used to the old look leave it that away

No comparison to Lynda Carter at all!!! The hair is too flat!!!! 
Have her looking more like red Sonja than wonder woman!!

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