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First Same-Sex Married Couple Receives Green Card Approval

On Saturday, the first binational same-sex couple was approved for a green card! The move follows this week's Supreme Court strike down of DOMA.  The federal government now recognizes the legal marriages of same-sex couples and as such, binational married couples no longer face separation via deportation. 

So which couple made history? That would be Florida's Julian Marsh and Traian Popov. Popov hails from Bulgaria; the couple legally married in New York in October 2012. Though Florida has a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage, the federal government's recognition of the marriage protects the couple. 

The couple's attorney, the DOMA Project's Lavi Soloway says: 

“It is symbolically very important that this first petition that was approved comes for a couple that lives in Florida, a state that has a constitutional ban preventing same-sex couples from marrying. This shows the effect of the DOMA ruling for immigration purposes will extend to couples, no matter where they live, so long as they have a valid marriage license."

Congrats to the couple and to all of the binational couples whose unions will now be officially recognized!


Image Source (H/T: BuzzFeed)