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Florida AG Insulted That You're Angry About Her Decision To Fight Marriage Equality

How dare you, sir, be angry that Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi has decided to fight tooth and nail to keep same-sex couples in her state second class citizens! Though more of her colleagues than we can keep track of have decided to not defend their respective state bans on marriage equality, Bondi is insulted by any anger inflamed over her decision to go against the grain and fight equality. Hrmph!

In a statement defending her anachronistic decision that has sparked outrage among many voters, Bondi writes:

“In 2008, Florida voters amended their state constitution to define marriage as a union between a man and a woman. In response to a recent challenge to this provision, and in keeping with my sworn duty to uphold the laws of the land, my office recently filed a legal brief defending the voters' decision. 

“The fundamental argument of our brief is that the voters had the right to adopt this definition of marriage, just as they have the right in the future to change their minds and afford legal recognition to same sex marriage, should they so choose.

“Defending the wishes of the voters who enacted Florida's marriage amendment necessarily requires me to make good faith legal arguments. In presenting those arguments, my office understands and respects that there are many who profoundly disagree with the voters' decision. But anything less than the best defense of our voters' policy preferences would disenfranchise the electorate, undermine the judicial process, and cast aside the professional responsibility that guides me every day as Attorney General.

The subject of same sex marriage is understandably a matter of intense personal concern and sensitivity for Floridians on all sides of the debate. While defending this constitutional amendment, we have remained respectful and showed consideration for those with differing viewpoints—acknowledging in the introduction that this issue is one with ‘good people on all sides.’ 

“Therefore, I take exception to those who have sought to manipulate our brief, trying to make it something it is not. The brief does not argue for or against same sex marriage as a matter of policy, wisdom, or fairness. Those decisions are for the voters of each state, not for lawyers or courts. It is my duty to protect Florida from the “harm” of a federal injunction overriding the will of Florida voters.

“Some states recognize same-sex marriage, and some states do not. As the brief explains on pages two and three: 

‘This case is not about which policy choice is better or worse. And this case is not about whether the debate should continue (which it surely will). This case is about whether states can make their own determinations.

Notice, Bondi doesn't mention the number of other state AG's who have boldly and courageously decided to defend the people they represent. They were "just doing their job" more effectively than the current AG of Florida. 


Not trying to start controvery here, but I have a question, can someone answer: Why is it that the Cubans & Haitians who floated ashore here in Florida, illegally on rafts (and continue to do so I might add) have MORE rights than my gay brothers and sisters that were born here, are citizens, live here legally, pay their taxes, etc?

Gay people have only improved the South Florida local economy, neighborhoods, businesses, and most important, tourism, which keeps Florida thriving. 

I am not prejudice against anyone, but I, as well as the rest of us have witnessed what the influx if illegals has done to South Florida over the years. It once was paradise, now it's a war zone.

RICK JOHNSON: it's Debbie Wasserman SCHULTZ not SCHWARTZ! You have totally discredited yourself for lack of knowledge!

KS Man, just some constructive criticism: can you please turn on your spell check, and use punctuation? I started to read your comment, which "seemed" intelligent enough, but between your run on sentences, misspelled words, and lack of punctuation, I gave up. I'm sure you we're passionate about your feelings, but your points would have been better made had you slowed down and made it readable and enjoyable for the rest of us to read. Peace.

I dont know that I have seen and read so much that shocked me.... equal rights are equal rights a right means not given but deserved u have a right to fish if u buy ur license how ignorant can people of any state that doesnt recognize same sex marriage be if they just in simple terms dont see the benefit for there state... the amt of money that marriage licenses wld bring in then the money going into the economy cause I can tell ya I know alot of gay men and women that if they could get married in my state of Kansas whichbis as bad as the state of Florida except we dont have an amended constitution we just have political players that need to go that have clearly state if ur gay in Kansas dont expect any rites.. now everyone who talked of nasty words for black people gay people I know people in both aspects that are smarter than have the nonsense I have seen posted here w all of the bigotry and bias if anyone wld Read there history the first Americans actually reveared there gay and lesbian counter parts and called them two spirits the Native Americans. Maybe those who say how w us people in the lgbt community we r making the great USA a bad place to live what do u say when u look st ur own family history and find u hsd black relatives or u just msde ur son or daughter try to committee suicide because yiu can't see away from the bigoted ways u were raised. Beat slapped hit what ever as a child we all went through something it made us the people we r today but going through ur own history are u gonna find uhm maybe I preached a little hard against something that maybe I am and am scared to come out cause u do know those who scream the loudest and say the worse usually do it because they have there own lgbt tendency for those who are not .understanding lgbt is lesbian, gays, bisexuals and transgender. Ya know not a one of these people will provoke u hate in u or dispose u w out good reason cause well look at these comments we have alot of our own discrimination against us from all of u that keep having the gay kids.. now come on biology showed two men no baby two women no baby so alot of us hide to have families and then come out hey we came iut feel bad for wife but how did she not know they r her husbands sexual fetishes and women who come out after giving birth not fair to husband but what tondo we all want to b our selves and feel safe and loved and shld by all equal rights under God people who r being closed minded or down right stupid do some research the gay gene is real its there uts proven by straight scientists that have nothing to gain. What I am curious on in my state and florida since u all r as backwards as our back to the fifties bs from a politician in office ugh cant wait to vote him out.... just a little hey can u be dumber than my state questions I think they r neck in neck just different avenues to stop progression.. before long the lgbt and the millions of supporters and thousands of closeted people will come out stand up and show every state that segregation as one person said is segregation and passing any laws against the lgbt community is no different than segregation.. heck straight people r the ones passing on the gay gene my parents gave to me I didnt pass it on to my very straight teenager young adult children but they were raised w out bias so theybwill b that generation that nobody thinks will do much due to text and pc lap tops etc they cant hold a conversation face to face text im yeah and they will be the ones if our generationbisnt smart enough to do it but to change the bs laws that are breaking the original not amended the original constitution of America it says in one part u have the right for the pursuit of happiness so he'll people w nasty opinions why wldnt u want us to be as miserable as alot of u r married etc why cause u know its what we long for the most if I dont in my life time see this bs fight go down with same sex marriage winning in my life tine I do hope and pray my children's generation becomes smarter than this ignorant group thatbis stopping progression and stopping much needed funding to the state in form of again a marriage license lets see abt 60.00 avg wedding on small side oh what 1000.00 reception and the lgbt know how to party so revenue for the community one night low tax one bar 800.00 min food tax that somestates r almoat at 8.26% and then parties hotels motels b&b's u get the drift lets stop being discriminatory to any groupof man woman or child that may be born gay lesbian bisexual or transgendered. And thank u to all those queens and strong willed peoplefor stone wall. Hell maybe every city needs s stonewall every year till we prove we r not fairies fsggotts wueers dykes bull dykes see we can use thise derogatory names but whats the ooint be cime good honest loving and I can say God fearing be scared of God cause he who throw the first stone into glass shldnt worry about there neighbore but he screwed a wife and got the gay wife unhappy cause he wldnt go down on him before the wife c.and hone not wanting to cheer I think the three some shld b restricted to certain plays just ti watch thise gay biys kicker sss and bikinis the gaybsoorts teams boxers etc that ckd do it. Warning yes I know my ounctuation sucks if u notice the long terms aleays come and make it yeah... young ones no why we r no lo ger handling the aids epidemic which did not cone from a glbt person but a breeder see we have slang for u too thats a straight person all though a few of us r truelly never bother cause we r the gay men in there thirties together listening to wifes hate everything they fell in love each other and the wifes were happy abt getring away from a woman is that straight or gay no has to b straight gay men love women we can usually play around and b close to beautiful women well enough benefits of our boringblifes just give us our damned legal rights that no american has the legal right to vote on cause u cant vote on discrimination any more u know what it can do dont be silenced... ok my .50 some may take my ramblings some may leave it no matter whAt u do dont ever forget it..... cause u all know this strictly kansas man w two kids and no partner cause people r scared to live in my town and b out..... so learn to b urself love urself and cherish urself fxck everyone else and be u live ur life for u and urs and dont swallow there load of bullshit on ur way to the alter ithas to open up for eeveryone peace and loving and a little understand and closing the night down w its ur last chance its the last chance lets not let one night b the ls st chance for any lgbt person ever.. peace out and love im out.n

Civil rights are made for all and not voted on

We allowed blacks equal rights and look were it got us! They treat our country like their jungle, robbing, raping and stripping it of it's resources.

Now the gays want these same rights, which will further their abilities to further corrupt the wholesome fabric that this nation was built upon, with their rimming, anal fucking, having multiple partners at once, while spreading AIDS rampantly!

Your mother must of been real ugly or just didn't like you very much.


So trolls like you are the product of the "wholesome fabric that this nation was built upon"?  Looks like a shake-up is sorely needed, you evil piece of shit.

WE? Who the hell do you think you are speaking like you are some God that gave civil rights to black people? The only similarity that America may have with the jungle is allowing cave people like you to have voting rights!  Does the word segregation mean anything to you? Because that is what you're really calling for here. Where does the hatred stop with you people.  Also, for someone who does not like "the gays" you sure do know a lot about their sexual proclivities. You better check yourself ! They call America "The Melting Pot" for a reason. Everyone is equal under the law, even your sorry ass!

Wow... you are a dick..

Now thats calling the Kettle black. You need a good ass whipping.

Now thats calling the Kettle black. You need a good ass whipping.

I notice how you spread bile by just opening your mouth, yet listed yourself as "anonymous". Chicken shit! You think you're adult enough to talk pure illogical Un truthful garbage, but you hide.......coward!. You, you racist bigoted fucker, Should Lose Your rights. You are what the country should be ashamed of. God help're gonna need it.

He's a troll. Ignore him. The best way to kill a troll is not to feed it. 

Wow. You sure seem to know a lot more about gay relationships that I do! Or maybe it's just that you don't know anything about heterosexual sex. Because rimming, anal sex, having multiple partners at once are all common within the hetero community as well. Actually, there's a multi-billion porn and merchandising industry that caters to this audience. Just so you know. 

And just so you know, the gay community is not just going to be "allowed equal rights." We contribute substantially to this socioeconomic infrastructure in the form of taxes just like everyone does. To not receive the same protections and rights as everyone else is not acceptable. Actually, if you consider the original meaning of "tea party" you'll see some similarities.  Achieving equal rights is not a favor to us, it's an absolute right. And it's happening whether you like it or not. Motherfucker. 

"Burntbulb" good comment.  (I could have done without the MF, but I get that you are passionate about what you are saying.)   Judging from other threads, you and I share a lot of the same opinions.

Clap, clap, clap, wish I could like this comment, Good, show, Sir.

I hope you one day meet a black man with AIDS and he has his way with you because of your vile mouth. I would enjoy listening to you cry. You are exactly the reason why we need the laws to change.

If the citizens Voted passed a law in Florida To say Blacks Or hispanics are not entitled to the same respect as white people, would she defend that as well? You can't defend a law that discriminates. ....period! Don't mask you bias in the law.

“Defending the wishes of the voters who enacted Florida's marriage amendment necessarily requires me to make good faith legal arguments..." 

No, dear, it doesn't.

 The brief does not argue for or against same sex marriage as a matter of policy, wisdom, or fairness. Those decisions are for the voters of each state, not for lawyers or courts. It is my duty to protect Florida from the “harm” of a federal injunction overriding the will of Florida voters.

Again, Ms. Bondi is not only wrong, she appears to be ignorant of what courts do when laws are unjust or illegal.

I understand that her missive probably helps her sleep a little better at night but it would be helpful if Ms. Bondi actually knew what she was talking about.   If I can easily wipe my feet on her logic, what would a even half-way competent lawyer do to her?  

How much longer is she serving? She was elected because there was absolutely no one else? How many attorneys does Florida have? Not enough? Why isn't the very best lawyer in the State the actual AG?

Do you imagine that Rick Scott was the best candidate for governor?   Florida is more than a little bit self-destructive politically.   They also have some of the worst wages, benefits, and social services.   Florida is where powerful old Republicans retire.

Yet should refuses to represent, respect, and protect the LGBT citizens of Florida all while accepting a paycheck that comes out of their pockets. Ingrate. The vote was illegal. The Supreme Court has ruled that marriage is a civil right protected under the 14th amendment. They have also ruled that LGBT people are entitled to 14th amendment rights as we are, not how anti-gay TRASH allow and approve. Civil rights are not supposed to be voted on. Interracial marriage was legalized federally at the courts, not by the legislature and not by an illegal anti-American vote by a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of the population voting to illegally interfere in and control the personal lives of other citizens. 

So I'm assuming she'd support a vote, by queer folks only (because straights would be biased), to invalidate opposite-sex marriage retroactively? If not, why not?

Impeach Blondi!

All the women I've read about in politics should never have gotten where they are.  Sarah Palin, for example.  These women have no clue in life.  Bondi is clueless.

Wow....misogynistic much?   What about Wendy Davis?   Elizabeth Warren?   Dianne Feinstein?   Perhaps a little MORE reading?

Were you raised under power lines? Seriously, you're really dumb. 

Sorry, Michael, what about Janet Reno, Debbie Wasserman-Schwartz (both Floridians),  Nancy Pelosi, Gabby Gifford, Janet Napolitano......and the list goes on.  Palin and Bondi are exceptions to a wonderful group of female elected officials. I personally think, as a general rule, I would PREFER women in high public office.  Those old men haven't done much for me!!

I don't know if I would go that far.   Electing the person instead of the sex is the way to go.   Look at Jan Brewer, for example.   She panders to the current mood of her constituency and those who help her get elected.   She is an example of what we DON'T need in government.   Occasionally, she will come down on the right side of an issue, but only when it will serve her in approval numbers, and doesn't go against the will of her Big Business masters.

Hillary Clinton is another example of what we don't want, because of her Big Business connections, but she is being shoved down our throats by the media because they know that she will play ball with the .001%

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